Review: Essence Gel Tint Pink Exposed

Hi, everyone! When I showed you my March haul, most of you were interested in Essence Pink Exposed gel tint review, so here it is.

Gel tint comes in a plastic tube with mettalic looking lid and it's packed in a cardboard packaging. It contains 5 ml of product. It smells fruity and the smell is pretty strong, but it's gone, after you apply product on lips. The texture of the product is thick, well, like a gel. The aplication it's not very hard, because it spreads nicely over lips, but on some points applicator applys more product than on others (you can see, what I mean, on my swatch). I usually blend it with my fingers on those points. Right after application gel tint looks very gloosy, I would say "wet", and after few minutes it soaks into lips and it's not so glossy anymore, although it's still shiny. The product is pigmented, it leaves very nice color in only one coat. But it's also buildable, which means, you can apply more coats, if you want stronger color on your lips (I usually applied 2, because I wanted a bit darker color on my lips). It drys lips very much. Even if I used lip balm before, I had a drying feeling. But I do recommend using lip balm (or even do peeling on your lips) before applying gel tint, because it emphasize dry parts of lips and that doesn't look nice. On me it wasn't very longlasting. Even if I didn't drink and eat anything, it stayed on 1 or maximum 1,5 hour, when it started dissapearing first in inner part of my lips and after 2-2,5 hours it stayed only on some parts of my lips. From far away it still looked like I have something on, but from close it didn't look nice. I have to say, I'm dissapointed with lasting power, because when I swatched it on my hand, it left a stain, which was hard to clean. I guess, my lips are a different story.

Here's a swatch on my hand. 

And swatch on my lips. 

I'm not a fan of this product, because I don't like lip products, that dry my lips, I prefer those, that mousturize them, so I won't buy any other color and I'm not even sure, if I'll use this one. It costs 2,19 €, so it's not very expensive, but for me personally not worth the money.

Did you try Essence gel tints? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!