Review and Swatches: Misslyn Velvet Diamond Collection

Hi, girls! Today I'm showing you swatches of 3 shades, I gor from Misslyn Velvet Diamond collection. This is a collection with polishes, that have so called "sand finish", which is really popular lately. Misslyn is first drugstore brand, that released collection with this finish. In collection are 8 shades, you can see them all here. They are not very similar to Barry M Textured polishes, because these have more glitter. When they dry, they're rough. Drying time is very low, they dry fast. Their formula is nice, polishes are easy to apply and they're pretty opaque. I used only 2 coats for each and they're pretty opaque already after one coat so they're not layering polishes, although you can layer them too over some similar shade. If you'll layer them over different shade, I'm not sure, if base color will be nicely visible. As most of the glittery polishes, these are also very hard to remove. I was using foil technique with them, but you can also use peel off base coat under them.

First is 58 Sparkling Orange. It has an orange base and it contains a lot of golden shimmer, which looks even prettier in person. I used 2 coats of it and on photos it looks, like I would need another one, because my nail line is still visible, but it person it wasn't noticeable. To me this is really an amazing shade.

Next one is 47 Bright Love. This one has a brownish-red base and a lot od multicolor shimmer, which is more visible in the bottle than on nails. On nails is the most visible pink shimmer and under certain light also orange shimmer. I used 2 coats for swatch.

The last one is 78 Dazzling Water. This one is bright blue shade with bigger silver and blue glitter. I used 2 coats.

While I was photographing swatches of the last shade, I remember, that I forgot to make photos of them with top coat, so I decided to apply top coat on them on a nail wheel. I wanted to show to you, how they look all shiny and glossy. I actually like them with top coat pretty much too.

I also made a video review, but it's in Slovene. I doubt, I'll ever talk in English in my videos, I just don't feel enough comfortable to talk in other language, that isn't my mother's language.

One Misslyn bottle contain 10 ml of polish and each coats 5,79 €. 

I really like these and maybe I'll get polish in royal blue shade too. What do you think about these polishes, do you like them? Do you prefer them without or with top coat? Which shade is your favourite? Thank you for reading!