RETO 2013: Inspired by Your Imagination

Hi, girls! This weeks task in RETO 2013 challenge was "inspired by your imagination", which means, we were freely to do, what ever we wanted. While I was searching an inspiration for animal print manicure for 31 day challenge, I came across this lovely, but poisoned frog. Posioned frogs are actually nice inspiration for manicures, because they can be colorful and they have interesting patterns. I also found another frog, that inspired me to do a manicure too, but that will be on my blog next week, but not as part of 31 day challenge, because I have another idea for that in mind.

This frog is called red-backed poison dart frog. Because her back looks orange on photo and not red, I decided to use orange shade of polish for that. Her legs look blue under black dots, so I used bright blue shade as a base and I also did different size and shape of dots for her legs.

Polishes I used, are Flormar 423, Essence Doc and a random black polish. 

What do you think about my inspiration? Thank you for reading! Don't forget to check, what other girls did this week.