Random Sunday #25

Hi, girls! You probably noticed, that last week I didn't post Random Sunday, because I really didn't have a lot of photos. I decided to post them this week. In this posts I have a lot of photos to show you, because Spring is showing her beauty here in Slovenia and I enjoy taking photos of blossoming trees and flowers.

 Our cat Taček is really enjoying the sun. :)

Bundi, our neighbour's cat. Such a a cutie pie. On second photo Ris scared him. :P

While going for a walk with Ris and Taček (he always go for a walk, because he's following Ris) I took some photos of ladybug and our lovely animals.

 Snake's head (močvirska logarica).

 Spring is here and everything is blossoming. So beautiful.

Ris is angry, because I'm taking photos of him.

This week's flower's manicure. Post about this manicure will be published next week.

Trying new Misslyn polishes from Velvet Diamond collection. Swatches will be published in next few days. 

I hope you like this post. Have a nice week. Thank you for reading!