Random Sunday #24

Hi, girls! It's a first Sunday in April and I have few photos from my first April week for you.

Pink Diamond inspired me with this post on her blog to do a dessert with vanilla pudding and some fruits. I used bananas and sour cherry compote. First I cooked pudding, then I put it some into a dish, added some bananas, more pudding, sour cherrys and in the end a bit more pudding on the top. It was very delicious, so I'm definitely doing it again.

Yesterday I mentioned, that I did a manicure, inspired by rain. Here you can see inspirational photo and my manicure. 

 Two things, I got from Essence Floral Grunge collection - nail polish Grunge Me Tender and a hair band, which is so pretty.

Slovenian online store Zapikonai send me Sleek Acid palette and OPI mini polishes from Germany collection. Nail polish swatches will be up on my blog tomorrow.

That's it for this week. I hope you spend an amazing week and the next one will be even better, full of sunny days. Thank you for reading!