Empty #5

Hi, girls! After few months I'm finally writing my fifth empty post. I've been collecting empy product from December till March (i've been using them longer than that) and I think it's finally time, that I publish this post and throw products into a garbage. I finish quite a lot products in these few months. By some products I won't write a price beside, because I don't remember exactly, how much they were.

Let's start with lip balms. I have very dry lips during winter, so I always finish a lot of lipbalms.

*Essence Glossy Lipbalm Sparkling Cherry is an old Essence product, which is already discontinued, if I remember correctly. It smelled very nice, like a cherry and it mousturized my lips, but it was very sticky, so I didn't like it that much. If it would be still available, I probably wouldn't buy it again. 

*Apivita lip balm I got in a swap with Natalie. Apivita is natural cosmetic and it's not available in Slovenia. I did liked this lip balm, it was mourturizing and it smelled like coconut, but I probably wouldn't get it again, because I did try better lip balms. 

*Labello Classic Care is very nice lip balm, very mousturizing, it doesn't have a special smell. For me this is the best Labello lip balm, because I don't like their fruity balms, those are not enough mousturizing for me. I would definitely buy this one again.

*Alverde Lippen-balsam Vanilleblüte Mandarine is another nice lip balm, but it's not the best I've tried. It is mourizing and it smells nice, but classic Labello made much more for my lips, so I won't buy it again. 

*Essence Kiss Care Love balms in Fruitylicious and Purple Berries are by my opinion great balms. During winter they mousturized my lips great, so I'm definitely buying them again (at the moment I'm using red balm from the same collection and I have to admit, to me it's not so good as these 2 were). I reviewed them here

Next are some samples, I've tried (but I didn't try them a lot, because I'm not a huge fan of samples. After 1 usage you really can't say, if certain face cream will be good for you or not and usually foundation samples are too dark for my skin ...)

*I'm going to start with Essence Pure Skin Purifying Nose Stripes (not a sample). This is probably the best product, I discovered this year. It helps clean pores on my nose and it makes my skin soft and smooth. I use it once a week, leave it for 10 minutes on and then I remove it. It's great and I recommend it to all of you. I think it costs around 1,80 € and you get 3 stripes for 3 usages. This has become my must have product and I'm buying it again.

*Some time ago I ordered few samples from Bioderma. Till now I tried Hydrabio cream, Sensibio eye cream and Sensibio micellar water. The only thing, I'll maybe buy in a full size, is micellar water, although I'm still not sure, if I need it, because it didn't clean my eye make up at all, but it did work nice for my skin. Hydrabio cream I tried only twice, it worked fresh on my skin, but I didn't notice, it would moisturize it a lot, so I'm staying with a cream, I'm using at the moment. Sensibio eye cream was also nice and one sample lasted me very long, because I really needed only a bit of cream, but I didn't notice, it would work better for me than my Balea eye cream does, so I'll rather use foward my Balea eye cream. 

*Isadora nail polish remover is pretty nice remover, it didn't dry my cuticles, it removed NP nicely, but it's not available anywhere around me and Isadora prices are very high in Slovenia, so I'm not buying full size.

*I didn't finish Isadora Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-Up foundation, because the color is way too dark for me, so I put it in empties. I tried it once and I got a feeling, that it has a great coverage, but I can't say much, because I haven't wore it (I looked, like I used too much fake tan on my face :P).

*Balea Sheabutter Vanille handlotion is my favourite hand product of all times, because I looove its smell, but unfortunatelly this was LE product. I hope it will come in DM again, because I would really love to buy it again.

*Aveo Naggellackentferner Mandel Mit Aceton is my favourite nail polish remover of all times. You probably already heard me rambling about it. It doesn't dry my nails, it removes NP quickly and it's only 0,50 €. My holy grail product for nails. 

*I still had Evelin nail polish remover in their old packaging. Now it's in a black and purple packaging, if I remember right. This isn't a bad remover, but I don't like, that it has a pump, which made, that more remover was on my desk than on a cotton pad. Not buying it again.

*Essence Nail Cuticle Softener Pencil is another must have product for me. I use it always, when I'm doing swatches, because it mousturize my cuticles and it gaves them nice shine. It's also great to wear it with you in your purse and use it, whenever you want. I don't remember, how much it costs, but I think it's less than 2 €. One pencil lasts me very long, this one I had for more than a year.

*Essence Nail Cuticle Remover is another product, that is discontinued. Now they have one in the same bottle as nail polishes are. This was a good product, I reviewed it here.

*Bourjois Volume Glamour May Definition mascara was a good mascara, which didn't stick my lashes together, it gave them nice volume and it didn't fall out. I won't buy it again, because I'm searching my "perfect" mascara and I want to try others too.

*Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base is another of my must have products. On my normal lids it works great with all eyeshadows. It prevents creasing, eyeshadows last long and are easy to blend. I'm definitely buying it again.

*Essence Circus Circus My Sparkling Acrobat was my favourite eyeliner to use. It was a black liner with silver shimmer, so it looked grey on eyes, but it had nice thin brush, so I could made thin line and I used it on a daily basis. I finished 2 liners, although it's only 1 on photo and I would buy it again, if it would be still available. But it was part of LE collection.

*Balea Raisergel has become my favourite product to shave my legs with, since I first tried it. I tried few different scents (Summer time, Buttermilk Lemon, Milk'n' Peach), although I didn't like them all (scents I mean). This product helps, that the raiser doesn't irritates my skin and that the skin doesn't look red after usage. It costs around 2 €.

*I tried Balea shower gel once before, but I wasn't a big fan, until I didn't try fig and chocolate scent. This shower gel smells amazing and I already bought another one. It should be limited edition product, but it's available for few months already, so I hope it won't be gone soon. It costs only 0,85 €, so it's very cheap.

*I was using Dove Original deodorant for few months, before I discovered, it doesn't suit me well. At the beginning I had a feeling, that it worked great for me, but then I started to hate, that it leaved white stain on my clothes and it didn't prevent smell so good anymore, so I decided, that when I'll finish it, I won't buy it again. 

*Balea Mildes Waschgel mit Lotusblüte for normale and Mischaut is a product, that works great for my normal skin. It makes it soft and smooth, it doesn't irritate it, it smells nice ... I have only good things to say about it. It costs between 2-2,5 € and it's great for someone, who has a normal skin like me. 

*I bought Dove Oil Care Nährpflege after I read good things about it on Mateja's Beauty Blog, because in Winter I had really dry hair and I needed a good product to mousturite them. You maybe won't believe me, but I noticed a difference already by a first usage of this product. Since then I use it every time I wash my hair. It smells nice, it gaves them glow, it makes them smooth, they're not dry anymore. It cost around 4 € and it's available only in Müller. 

*For more than a half year I'm using Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Shampoo. Before that I was always changing shampoos, but when I tried this one, I really liked it and it works great together with Dove conditiner, so I'm going to continue using it. Since I use it, I also don't have such a big problems with dandruff anymore. I don't remember, how much it costs, but less than 3 €, I think. 

Did you try any of these product? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!