DIY: Swatch Stickers

Hi, everyone! Some girls wanted to know more about my DIY project - swatch stickers, so here I have a post about it for you today. This project is very fun, but if you have so many polishes as I, is very time consuming. I won't show you my whole collection, because I haven't swatch it whole yet, but I'll show you my green polishes (green, teal, turquise, mint ...). I saw this idea for swatch stickers on Mateja's blog Purple Glitters and she helped me with advices, where to find stickers for ice cream, on which you can write nail polish names. I bought mine in Rayher shop in Murska Sobota. The seller was very kind and because I bought more stickers, he gave me a discount.

For this DIY project you'll need:
- stickers for ice cream
- false nails
- a glue 
- a marker

When you have all that, you'll only need some time. As you can see on photos, I first glued false nails on stickers, until I didn't collect them about 100. I let them dry for about an hours, just in case, so that the glue would stick good together false nail and a sticker.

Then I wrote names of polishes on sticker. I used black non-alcohol marker, which worked great. Then I swatched every polish and let them dry during the night. It took me about 2,5 hours to swatch around 100 polishes. I had them all around my room, letting them dry, and you can only imagine the smell in the morning, when I woke up. I had to have the window open a whole night and back then there were very cold nights.

And this is my "green" collection. I bet, some turquise and teal polishes are missing, because I have them among blue polishes. I have the most green polishes in my stash, I'm a huge fan of this color.

False nails, I was using, I got from Born Pretty Store. There are 500 false nails in the packaging, 10 diferent sizes. These work great, they don't break, when you're glueing them on stickers, they have smooth surface, so they're great for swatches. But I think the smalles won't be handy for swatch stickers, because they're to small. I think these sticks would be also great for nail art.

If you're going to shop in Born Pretty Store, use my code for 10% discount.

Doing swatch stickers, writing names and swatching 100 polishes took me about 5 hours (more or less). My collection is big, but I'll slowly swatch it whole and then I'll show you the final result. 

I hope this post was useful for some of you. If I forgot to mention something, feel free to aks me. Thank you for reading!

*Some products were sent to me for review.