Yellow Neon Nails

Hi, girls! Today I don't have a Random Sunday post for you, because I didn't take any photos for blog this week, except those of my nails. So for today I decided to show you another neon polish, this time a yellow one.

This one is CH nail lacquer in shade 15. I have to admit, that I prefer it over the green one, because by my opinion this one looked much better on me. I started with 2 coats of Essence White Hype and then I applied 2 coats of shade 15 (ah, those numbers). As you can see, white color isn't showing out by this one as it does by green one; this one is more pigmented. Next time I'll definitely wore it on its own. It was very easy to apply. I didn't do any nail art with it, but I see it as a great base for stamping or any other nail art. To me this is a perfect shade for summer.

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I started this week's blogging with yellow and I'm finishing it with yellow. What do you think about neon yellow polishes, do you like them? Thank you for reading!

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