Swatches of New Catrice Nail Polishes Part 1

Hi, girls! New Catrice polishes finally came to our stores last week and I went a bit crazy and I got 8 new shades. As you probably know, Catrice decided to change their whole line of polishes, because they wanted to gave them better, more glossy formula and better brush. Well, I have to say, that they did their job very bad. When it comes to formula, new polishes don't seem more glossy to me from old one and the other problem is, that most of new polishes (as least from those I've tried) have very thick and also more liquidy formula, which is very hard to apply nicely. They also changed the brush, but they made it more wonky and the brush makes in most cases application difficult. On lower photo you can see, how few of new brushes look - by some shades they're placed in one side, by others few bristles are longer ... Definitively a big minus for Catrice for this new change.

For today I decided to show you only 4 shades, because with all 8 this post would be very long. I separated them so, that today I'll show you blue/purple shades and tomorrow green shades.

First polish is Denim Moore. It's a periwinke shade with silver shimmer. This one has ok formula and its application didn't cause me big problems. I used 2 coats.

Next one is Purple Reign, a gorgeous purple shade with blue shimmer. This one has thicker formula, so I had to be more careful with application. Also its brush isn't very nice, some bristles are longer than others, which also made application harder. Too bad for that, because the color is very pretty. I used 2 coats.

Shopping Day at Bluemingdales is an interesting polish. On my swatches you can see, that it looks blue, but in person it's not so blue. I tried to photoshop the color, but I couldn't made it close to its real color, so I gave up. In person it looks, like it also has a bit purple in it. In some angles it looks more blue and in others more purple. I would say, it's a darker indigo shade, but that's only me, you can say, the color is other (I would love to know, if you have it, how would you describe its color). It has a creme finish. I used 2 coats.

The last one, I'll show you today, it's Vino Tinto. It's a plumy creme shade. The application of this one was harder because of its brush. It very similar to the one Purple Reign has - some brisles are longer than others. I used 2 coats.

I also made a video about new Catrice polishes (in Slovene), which will be published in tomorrow's post.

What do you think about new Catrice shades? Did you already get any? Which ones are on your WL? Thank you for reading!