Slovenian Bloggers 9/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Psst, ne pozabite, še vedno lahko v komentarjih na TEJ OBJAVI poveste, ali pridete na srečanje! ;) 
Maja showed us her before & after February edition! 
Maja G. fell in love with some Catrice LE products.
Lux has a really cute palette to show you!
Mmmm, lets cook some banana oatmeal cookies! Maja has the recipe

Wanna see Katiee's this week's mani
Taya did a recap of Once Upon a Time challenge.

Mateja is falling behind in her challenge so she did a 3 in 1
Zala has a new Essence nail polish from the new collection. 
Go HERE to read Dee's Oscar fashion favourites. 
So how's Vienna street fashion? Soul Fishing knows.

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