Review: Catrice Lashes to Kill Volume Mascara with False Lashes Fibres

Hi, girls! Today I'm reviewing a mascara, I'm currently using - Catrice Lashes to Kill volume mascara with false lash fibres (what a long name). This mascara came out few weeks ago as a preview of new Catrice assortiment. I was searching for a new mascara, because I used up my previous one and then I saw, that Deja said good things about this mascara in her monthly favourites, so I decided to give it a try.

The most important thing to me, when I'm buying a mascara is, that it gaves my lashes a volume. I have quite long, but rare lashes and I love dense, black lashes, so the volume is, what mascara has to give to me. Catrice mascara has a long brush with small bristles. It's easy to work with this brush, I don't have any problem with application on my lower lashes as I had it with mascaras with bigger brush. I like its formula a lot, it's easy to apply. With 2 coats it gaves my lashes a volume and it doesn't stick them together. But there'sone thing, that really bothers me - after some time it starts to "fall out" (I'm not sure about right expression). It leaves small black spots under my eyes, which make my circles look black and I look like I wouldn't have a decent sleep for 2 days.

Here you can see, how mascara looks on me with 1 and 2 coats. I also added my bare eye, so you can see the difference better. I haven't done any make up here, so I hope, you don't mind watching my bare eye. I photographed 2 coats on other eye, because while photographing first coat mascara dried too much and when I applied a second coat, it looked to clumsy.

Although I do like this mascara, because it makes my lashes look pretty, I probably won't repurchase it again, I'll try to find other volume mascara, that will work better for me (with no black spots under my eye). This mascara contains 10 ml of product and it costs 4,19 €.

Did you try any Catrice mascara? What do you think about them? Which one is your perfect volume mascra? Thank you for reading!