Review and Swatches: Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

Hi, beauties! Today I have for you swatches of 2 Essence Stay Matt lip creams, that I own: Silky Red (bright red) and Smooth Berry. There are 4 colors in Stay Matt collection, others 2 are nude, but I think I won't get them, because nude colors don't interest me that much. And most of nudes shades doesn't look good on me. Otherwise these are great products and I hope, Essence will do more different colors in the future.

The packaging is the same as by Stay With Me lipglosses, although these have better applicator, which makes application more easy (at least for me). Lip creams look a bit shiny on lips, when you apply them, but after some time they dry in a matte finish and are crazly pigmented. I usually apply a thin coat of a product on my lips. Because they're matt, they dry lips a bit, but I always apply a lip balm before, wait few minutes, that it mousturize my lips and then I apply a lip cream. I mostly wear Smooth Berry, because I prefer its color (you saw how it looks on me here). They also last for a long time on lips. I tested them for about 3 to 4 hours on my lips (no eating) and after that time they looked very good and I didn't need to re-apply them. That's much longer than most of lip products I own. They survive eating and drinking, but these babies transfer on a glass or on any other thing. They have very strong, sweet scent, but it doesn't botter me, because after I apply them on lips, I don't smell it anymore.

Silky Red

Smooth Berry

One lip cream contains 4 ml of product and it costs 2,19 €. I do recommend you to get them, because they're really great products. I just wish, they would have more colors.

Do you own any Essence lip cream? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!