Random Sunday #21

Hi, girls! I'll be short today, because I'm not really in the mood for rambling, so let's go to photos, I have this Sunday for you.

While I was photographing nail polish to try to capture its real color, Ris was looking at me like: "You crazy woman, what are you doing?"

And our cat Taček wanted to play with me.

This year we don't have a lot of snowdrops in our garden/meadow, so I'm always happy, when I see them blossoming. 

I did a "little" shopping this week. I bought some new Essence and Catrice products. Müller only had new Catrice polishes and not other products, so you can expect more hauls from me next week. :D

My darling decided to surprise me on international women's day. 

 And then he decided to surprise me even more and he took me to Chinese restaurant. I really love chinese food, specially fried bananas. But this time I decided to skip the desert.

 My today's FOTD, made mostly with MUA products (eyes, cheaks, lips). I wanted to post this in it's own post, but photos didn't succeed me the best, so I included it in Random Sunday post.

Eye look from close. I used MUA Glamour Nights palette. 

My aunt made birds from dough. So pretty, I have to try them myself too (on Tuesday is Gregorjevo, our holiday of love and I remember my grandmother use to bake birds for this holiday, maybe I'll do them then).

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Thank you for reading.