Random Sunday #20

Hi, girls! How are you? Today we had such a great Sunday, sun was shining and it was gorgeous day for a walk and spending a day outside. I feel, like the spring it's just around a corner and soon each day will be warmer and warmer and sun will shine every day. :)

This week I tried Milka with caramel for the first time. I didn't like the flavour, too much caramel for me.

Something, I really like drinking here and there (but not too often) - Müllermilk with banana flavour, the only one I like. 

I need to remember, that doing notes for diploma and painting my nails doesn't go together. I poured China Glaze polish on my notes. Well, luckily only on the end of the paper, so I can still read, what I wrote. 

My grandmother's orchids. They're gorgeously blossoming

 While fields and meadows are flooded, a swan found a place to swim there.

First snowdrops in our meadow. Spring is coming.

Somebody is enjoying in the sun. 

I hope you had a nice week and that next one will be even better. Thank you for reading!