OUAT Winners + Changes

Hi, girls! Voting for OUAT giveaway prize ended and today I'm announcing both winners. 73 people voted and 33 of them gave her vote to Milena and her manicure, inspired by Knave of Hearts (favourite villain). so she won the prize 1. My vote and prize 2 went to Kozica and her manicure, inspired by Red/Ruby. This is by my opinion definitely the best manicure, done in this challenge and it would be a crime not to give her a prize.

The winner of prize 1 is: Milena's Stylish

The winner of prize 2 is: Always Polished Nails

Congratulation to both winners!

As you probably noticed, my blog has been through some changes - I decided it's time for new image of my blog. It's green like the Spring, that's coming and I really like the color, but I'm not a big fan of this template. I can't give anymore the biggest size of photos in my posts, because it crops them in the end a bit, so from now on photos of swatches and nail art will be smaller. I'm not completely satisfied with it and I'm not sure I'll keep it, so I decided to test it for a week or two to see, how it'll work for me and if I won't come up with something smarter, I'll probably go back to my previous template. I'll see, but I have a feeling, that in some time you'll see a transformation on my blog again. I hope that that won't confuse you too much. 
Otherwise I didn't change a lot of things (mostly because I'm still not sure, if I'll keep this template), I do have less pages on top and I don't have a header anymore. But i'm planning to make a new one. 

Please, tell me you opinion about my blog's new look. Thank you for reading!

7 komentarjev

  1. ;Mi je všeč sprememba bloga :) pa nič ni kičasto :)

  2. Cestitke pobjednicama, a sto se dizajna tice moram priznat da mi je onaj prosli bio bolji, ali znas da ja nisam ljubitelj zelene

    1. Ja, vem. :) Saj meni je bila bela tudi ljubša, ampak ta zelena mi je tudi lepa, edino ni mi všeč, da ni več tako široka, kot je bila prejšnja in ne morem objavljati največjih slik. :/

  3. I've already commented that I like the new look of your blog, but I want to add about pevious look that I liked it too ;)

  4. Thank you. :) Maybe I'll go back on white, but I'll change it a bit, I'll see. :D

  5. Congrats to both winners!
    Red/Ruby manicure was my favorite too!