Once Upon a Time Series: Belle (Nail Art)

Hi, girls! I hope you're still not sick of OUAT nail art on my blog, because I have another manicure, inspired by this show, for you. I have a feeling, that in March you'll read few more posts, inspired by this show, but not as much as in Januar and Februar. 

Last week, when I was searching an inspiration for The Princess task, I came across this photo of Belle wearing a gorgeous blue dress and that was my inspiration for another manicure. In the end I though 3 manicures for one post would be too much, so I decided to publish manicure, inspired by Belle, in its own post.

She's wearing a blue dress with big and small bright blue dots and that was my inspiration to do first a half moon nail art and then to place big and small dots on darker blue shade. I used only 2 polishes for this manicure, dark blue Barry M shade with no name from limited edition collection as a base and Lacura Jeans for dots.

I also made a quick tutorial or you. First apply a base coat and when it drys, place a round sticker on your nails. Paint your nails with dark blue shade and remove sticker, before polish drys, because it will make a mess otherwise (I learned that a hard way). Then use a different size dotting tools or a brush holder and place big and small dots on nail, so that they exchange - big, small, big dot (both vertical and horizontal). In the end just apply a top coat to protect your manicure and voila, you're done. 

Because I know some of you don't like half moon manicures, you can just paint your nails with nail polish and do dots on it. You can also apply another color of polish as a base and then do a half moon manicure, it's up to you.

What do you think? Thank you for reading!