Once Upon a Time Challenge Voting Time

Hi, girls! As I promised, today I'm publishing manicures from girls, that participated in OUAT challenge and send me their photos to win the prize 1. I have to say, girls did amazing job, they showed so many gorgeous manicures. There were more participant, but in the end I got only 4 manicures, so you can vote for these 4 to choose the one, you like the most. I published manicures in order as I reveived them on my email. I also added link to their blogs, where you can find all manicures, they did for this challenge.

You will find the poll at the top of my sidebar. Anyone can vote, it doesn't matter if you're a follower of my blog or not. Just choose your favourite and click on it. I will only take into consideration votes by poll, votes in comments won't count. Both winner (the one, that will win by votes and my favourite) will be publish on Wednesday, 6. 3. But please, be fair by voting.

Thank you for voting and thank you for reading!

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