It's Time For Neon Green

Hi, girls! I hope you're in the mood for something neon today, because I definitely am. Neon green polishes have a special place in my heart and today I'm showing you swatch of one of them.

First I started with 2 coats of white Beauty UK polish from Urban Girl set. White polish helps neon shades to pop out. Then I applied CH nail lacquer in shade 9 (I really don't like, if polishes don't have names, only numbers). Application was great. This polish is very sheer, so I needed 3 coats and that means that in the end I had 5 coats on my nails. A lot. And that also means loooooong drying time. But after first and second coat it still looked uneven and not very pretty. I haven't try it without white base yet, but I think nail line will be visible after 2 and maybe also after 3 coats. Otherwise it's a gorgeous neon shade. The bottle contains 15 ml of polish. The price is $4,99 (around 4€).

Yesterday you saw a nail art I did with its help - neon melting nails. Because I needed so many coats, I'll maybe wore it alone, but most probably I'll use it a lot for nail art. 

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What do you think about neon green shades, do you like them? Thank you for reading!

*This product was send to me for review. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.