31 Day Challenge - Day 7: Black&White

Hi, girls! Day 7 in 31 day nail art challenge are black and white nails. After some time of thinking, what to do for this task, I decided to do a black and a white cat. I painted 2 nails with white and other 3 with black polish. Then I draw a white and a black cat on my index and ring finger with a help of brushes and dotting too and on others I did their paws in the opposite color as the nail was painted. I used She 115 and a random black polish. In the end a white cat looked more girly to me and a black more like a man cat. :D But I was satisfied with the manicure. Next in a row are metallic nails, which I'll maybe publish already tomorrow.

 What do you think about my cat nail art? Thank you for reading!