31 Day Challenge - Day 6: Violet

Hi, girls! For today I planned to post a review, but instead of that I decided to post a gorgeous nail polish, that I used in 31 day challenge. Day 6 are violet nails and for that I decided to use one of the prettiest polishes in my stash, that I wore before, but never published swatches on my blog (like for a lot of other polishes). I'm talking about Orly Fowl Play. It was a part of a Birds of a Feather collection back in 2011. It has a purple jelly base with colorful shimmer and flakies, that reflect from orange and red to green (which is more noticeable in the bottle than on nails). Its formula it's great, it's very easy to apply, but because it's jelly, it's more sheer, so I had to apply it in 3 coats. But I personally don't mind applying more than 2 coats. Because it's sheer, it's also great for layering. I know I said, I'm going to do 31 nail art's in this challenge, but this polish looked too beautiful on its own, so I couldn't add anything on it, I had to wear it alone. I wore it for 3 days. It did chipped a bit, but that's nothing unusual for me. And I wore it without top coat. As you can see, it's very shiny on it's own. I definitely recommend you to get this one, if you can still find it anywhere (Slovenian girls, in Zapikonai it's still available in mini bottle).

Do you have Fowl Play in your stash? What do you think about it? Thank you for reading!