31 Day Challenge - Day 5: Blue Nails

Hi, girls! It's been a week, since I published my last manicure for 31 day nail art challenge. I have to continue with it, if I want to finish it, I still have a lot of manicures to do. Day 5 are blue nails and for this task I decided to use Bourjois Bleu Water, which you saw many times on my blog, when I used it for nail art, but I never showed you a swatch of it before.

Blue Water is a gorgeous light blue creme shade. Although 1 seconde polishes from Bourjois have very wide brush, this one didn't cause me any problems with application. I used 2 coats here.

For nail art I decided to do interlocking manicure, which I really liked and I had to try by myself too. I used Essence Edward, which is a new Nail Art Twins polish with an old name and a new color. I don't know, what's with Essence and the same name for 2 different shades, they did it few times already. Lack of imagination?

I hope that from now one I won't have 1 week's pauses in this challenge anymore. What do you think about this blue polishes and my nails art? Thank you for reading!