31 Day Challenge - Day 4: Green Nails

Hi, girls! I'm continuing with 31 day nail art challenge and day 4 are green nails. Ah, I love green nails. I have a lot of green nail polishes and a lot of them I still haven't show on my blog, so it was hard decision, which one to choose, but in the end I decided for P2 Artful.

Artful is a gorgeous vivid green shade, which is unfortunatelly discontinued. I made so many photos of it (in lightbox, on the sun, in the shadow ...), because my camera didn't want to capture its color correctly, but in the end the it looked closest to the real color on photos in lightbox. But it still looks too washed out on photos, in person it's more vivid. Because I couldn't capture its color, I googled it and I saw, that girls had the same problem catching its color as I did. It applys nicely and it's opaque in 2 coats, but I needed 3 to make it look even (maybe it's the formula or the small brush, lately I'm use to wider brushes).

I was kinda without ideas for nail art that day, when I wore this manicure, so in the end I decided to do neon melting nail art with CH nail lacquer 9, that I got few days ago from Born Pretty Store for review. They were actually pretty nice combination and this manicure was very easy to do. I need to use neon polishes more often for nail art from now on (as I see, neon will be popular again this summer, stores are full of neon clothes by us).

Do you have P2 Artful polish, what do you think about it? Do you like my neon melting nails? Thank you for reading!