31 Day Challenge - Day 1: Red

Hi, girls! I decided to start with 31 day nail art challenge. I was thinking for some time to do this challenge and I wanted to start in Februar, but then OUAT challenge came and I decided to start it in March. I won't do it every day, because I plan a lot of swatches, reviews and tags to post in next month or two, but I''ll do it every second or third day, it depends from other posts. It's really challenging to do manicures for challenges, when you have a task and you know, what you'll do next. Sometimes I have no idea, what to put on my nails and these challenges are really handy then. First 6 themes are colors, but I'll also do nail art, I won't only show you swatches, so that means 31 new nail art manicures on my blog.

Btw, I have no idea, who is creator of this challenge, but if you know, please, leave me the link to her blog.

Day 1 are red nails. I swatched most of my red nail polishes, but some are still unswatched and in this challenge I want to show you polishes, I haven't swatched before, so I decided for NYX Girls Fire Amber for day 1.

This polish is gorgeous shimmery red shade, that has amazing formula, which makes polish to apply like a butter. Seriously, this polish is a winner, when it comes to application, it goes so smoothly on nails. I used 2 coats here. Although I love the color and application of this polish, I don't reach very often for it - that's because it stains my nails like crazy. It leaves red color all over my nails and my cuticles and it's so hard to clean. I'm able to clean my cuticles after I remove it, but stain on my nails goes away, when I change my mani for 2 or 3 times. Too bad for the stain, otherwise I would wear it more often.

I decided to upgrade my manicure with striped gradient by this tutorial, that Oooh, Shinies! published on her blog. I really liked the design, so I wanted to try it myself too. Although mine isn't as perfect as hers, it came out gorgeous. For gradient I used Essence Sunshine 4ever, because red polishes weren't visible at all, so I had to go with yellow.

Did any of you already did 31 day challenge or is planning to do it? What do you think about NYX Girls polish and nail art I did for day 1? Thank you for reading!