Random Sunday #23

Hi, girls! I hope you spend nice Sunday today. I have another post for you today, because this week I have a bit more photos for Random Sunday and I didn't want to skip it.

I'm starting with today's FOTD. My darling and I went to the cinema and I decided to create an eye look woth Inglot palette. For the lips I decided to go with bright pink and I really like, how it looks on me. Photos are not the best quality, because it was already dark outside and I had to made them by artificial light.

My FOTD from the beginning of this week. I made very natural look on eyes and I tried new Catrice lipstick Matt About Pink. It looks a bit strange on me, because I had very dry lips (although I did used lip balm before). This was also my look for haul video I made, but it didn't succeed well, so I decided not to publish it.

Warm and sunny weather also means more different hair styles. I have enough long hair to finally make a nice fishtail braid. In winter I usually wear my hair down, also because of scarfs and caps, I'm wearing because of cold. In Spring and Summer, when I don't need them, I usually play with my hair more. I hope it's going to be better weather soon, so I can try more different hair styles. Please, forgive my strange face, I'm not wearing any foundation here.

In April I'm starting with a new DIY project - doing swatch sticks and swatching my whole collection.

This week was a package week. I received 2 packages from ličila.si

Our Easter basket. * Easter breakfast.

Easter eggs. We always colour them with some grass and onion peel. 

Bukovnica lake. The snow is melting and it's raining a lot, so we have a big problems with water in Slovenia. And it doesn't look, like it would be over soon.

My today's NOTD. I shortened my nails, because one broke and then I decided to paint them with pastel colors. I used Essence Makes Me Weak and Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet.

How was your week? I hope it was great. I wish you nice beginning of the new week. Thank you for reading!

Barry M Textured Effect Nail Polish Swatch

Hi, everyone! First, Happy Easter to you all. Have a great Sunday! I think, mine will be pretty lazy one, becuase it's raining cats and dogs here and I can't even go out for a walk or something. Yesterday I wanted to show you swatches of textured polishes from Barry M, but I was to tired in the evening, so I decided to write a post this morning and here they are:

I'm going to do a description for both polishes togehter, because they have the same formula and everything is the same, except color. The application was easier, than I expected, I didn't had any problem with it. They dry pretty fast. I didn't use top coat for swatches and I probably won't wear them with TC, because I prefer rough finish. Because of the light they look a bit more shiny on photos, than they really are in person. They're pretty opaque, I used only 2 coats for each shade. When it comes to removal, they remove harder than shimmery polishes, but easier than glittery, so I didn't use a foil technique. I removed them with only nail polish remover and cotton pad, just it lasted a bit longer than normally would. I love both shades and I think, they'll be perfect for Spring and also Summer.

Station Road - pastel yellow with golden shimmer, 2 coats. Unfortunatelly my camera didn't capture the shimmer, but it's visible in person.

 Ridley Road - mint, no shimmer, 2 coats.

Slovenian costumers can get these polishes in store ličila.si. They're also available on Barry M's official site (for international readers).

What do you think about these 2 polishes? Do you like this finish? Thank you for reading!

*Some of the products were send to me for review. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.

Review and Swatches: Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream

Hi, beauties! Today I have for you swatches of 2 Essence Stay Matt lip creams, that I own: Silky Red (bright red) and Smooth Berry. There are 4 colors in Stay Matt collection, others 2 are nude, but I think I won't get them, because nude colors don't interest me that much. And most of nudes shades doesn't look good on me. Otherwise these are great products and I hope, Essence will do more different colors in the future.

The packaging is the same as by Stay With Me lipglosses, although these have better applicator, which makes application more easy (at least for me). Lip creams look a bit shiny on lips, when you apply them, but after some time they dry in a matte finish and are crazly pigmented. I usually apply a thin coat of a product on my lips. Because they're matt, they dry lips a bit, but I always apply a lip balm before, wait few minutes, that it mousturize my lips and then I apply a lip cream. I mostly wear Smooth Berry, because I prefer its color (you saw how it looks on me here). They also last for a long time on lips. I tested them for about 3 to 4 hours on my lips (no eating) and after that time they looked very good and I didn't need to re-apply them. That's much longer than most of lip products I own. They survive eating and drinking, but these babies transfer on a glass or on any other thing. They have very strong, sweet scent, but it doesn't botter me, because after I apply them on lips, I don't smell it anymore.

Silky Red

Smooth Berry

One lip cream contains 4 ml of product and it costs 2,19 €. I do recommend you to get them, because they're really great products. I just wish, they would have more colors.

Do you own any Essence lip cream? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 8: Metallic Nails

Hi, girls! I'm writing another post today, because I want to show you another manicure in 31 day challenge. Day 8 are metallic nails and for that I used Flormar Duochrome DC04 polish. This polish also opens series of posts with swatches of new polishes from today's haul post

Flormar DC04 is a copper-redish metallic shade. The copper reflextion is more visible in person. This polish has really great formula and pigmentation, it's opaque after one coat. The application is not hard, but you have to be more careful, because it can leaves brush strokes. It drys quite fast. Despite the pigmentation I used 2 coats, as always.

I decided to upgrade this polish with stamping and for that I used new Essence plate, which has a snake design. I'm not a snake fan, but I though it'll go great with this polish. Silver polish I used for stamping is Flormar 390, which you also saw today in my haul post.

Are you a fan of metallic polishes? What do you think about this one? Thank you for reading!

New In (March)

Hi, beauties! After a long time a have a haul post for you. I wanted to make a video, but unfortunatelly it didn't succeed (I look horrible in it), so I decided to show you photos of my new stuff.

First is Essence. I got some stuff from their new assortment: All About Matt fixing compact powder, nail polishes in Edward, Romeo, That's What I Mint, gel tint in Pink Exposed and Nail Cuticle Softener pencil, which I used, when I'm doing swatches.

Next is Catrice. I also got 8 nail polishes, but I already showed them to you (here and here), so I didn't include them in this post. Other products I bought are: Prime and Fine eyeshadow base, Camouflage Cream in Ivory, lipstick in Matt About Pink and 2 longlasting pencils in New Kids On The Black and Brown Town Girl.

I also did a little shopping in Flormar, which opened this month in Supernova in Ljubljana. I got 5 nail polishes:  from their duochrome collection DC04, from neon collection N014, from their regular assortment 390 and 423 and from Pretty collection P23. I also bought one eyeshadow palette in P041.

Then I put a little order in slovenian shop Ličila.si. I ordered Barry M Textured Nail Effect polish in Ridley Road and I got as a gift MUA palette Dusk Till Dawn and BYS lipstick Raspberry Diva. Special thanks here goes to Mateja from Mateji ustvarjata, who told Maja from Ličila.si about my blog and who knew, I got Dusk Till Dawn palette on my WL and helped me to get it. Thank you, Mateja. :*

Then Maja contacted me and asked me, if I want to test some products for them and I said yes. She send me: Barry M Textured Nail Effect Station Road, Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail polish in Blood Orange, MUA Fur-effect Nails in blue color, MUA polish in shade 12 and Barry M Chameleon Blue

I think I'll have to go on a no buy, until I don't show you at least a half of a things, I'm planning to post on my blog. But this month new Catrice assortment came and then Flormar and I went a bit crazy. Some of the polishes I already swatched and will be on my blog this and next month. If you have any request, what do you want to see the most (nail polish swatch, any product review), just let me know and I'll try to post it ASAP. 

Which products/nail polishes from my haul would you like to try? Thank you for reading!

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31 Day Challenge - Day 7: Black&White

Hi, girls! Day 7 in 31 day nail art challenge are black and white nails. After some time of thinking, what to do for this task, I decided to do a black and a white cat. I painted 2 nails with white and other 3 with black polish. Then I draw a white and a black cat on my index and ring finger with a help of brushes and dotting too and on others I did their paws in the opposite color as the nail was painted. I used She 115 and a random black polish. In the end a white cat looked more girly to me and a black more like a man cat. :D But I was satisfied with the manicure. Next in a row are metallic nails, which I'll maybe publish already tomorrow.

 What do you think about my cat nail art? Thank you for reading!

Review: Catrice Lashes to Kill Volume Mascara with False Lashes Fibres

Hi, girls! Today I'm reviewing a mascara, I'm currently using - Catrice Lashes to Kill volume mascara with false lash fibres (what a long name). This mascara came out few weeks ago as a preview of new Catrice assortiment. I was searching for a new mascara, because I used up my previous one and then I saw, that Deja said good things about this mascara in her monthly favourites, so I decided to give it a try.

The most important thing to me, when I'm buying a mascara is, that it gaves my lashes a volume. I have quite long, but rare lashes and I love dense, black lashes, so the volume is, what mascara has to give to me. Catrice mascara has a long brush with small bristles. It's easy to work with this brush, I don't have any problem with application on my lower lashes as I had it with mascaras with bigger brush. I like its formula a lot, it's easy to apply. With 2 coats it gaves my lashes a volume and it doesn't stick them together. But there'sone thing, that really bothers me - after some time it starts to "fall out" (I'm not sure about right expression). It leaves small black spots under my eyes, which make my circles look black and I look like I wouldn't have a decent sleep for 2 days.

Here you can see, how mascara looks on me with 1 and 2 coats. I also added my bare eye, so you can see the difference better. I haven't done any make up here, so I hope, you don't mind watching my bare eye. I photographed 2 coats on other eye, because while photographing first coat mascara dried too much and when I applied a second coat, it looked to clumsy.

Although I do like this mascara, because it makes my lashes look pretty, I probably won't repurchase it again, I'll try to find other volume mascara, that will work better for me (with no black spots under my eye). This mascara contains 10 ml of product and it costs 4,19 €.

Did you try any Catrice mascara? What do you think about them? Which one is your perfect volume mascra? Thank you for reading!

RETO 2013: Colors

Hi, beauties! It's week 8 in RETO 2013 challenge and this week's challenge is inspired by colors. I was inspired by neon colors, which I really love and this summer they'll be trendy again. I decided to do a skittle manicure with 5 different neon shades. I didn't just stay by skittle manicure, I used white polish to do lines and dots and then I applied neon dots in the middle of white dots.

Neon polishes, I used with this manicure, are Depend 035 (thumb), China Glaze Sun Worshiper (index finger), GT Cosmtics No 2 (middle finger), Flormar N015 (rind finger) and Lovie No 148 (pinkie). White polish, I used, is She 115. In the end neons had a party on my nails, but I really liked this manicure, it was bright and cheerful, totally reverse from the weather, we have in the moment here in Slovenia (it's snowing again, so still nothing from Spring weather).

What do you think about my bright neon colorful manicure? Thank you for reading! Don't forget to check, what other girls did.

Random Sunday #22

Hi, girls! Last week I didn't write Random Sunday post, but this week I have some photos for you.

I went to Ljubljana this week and I take an advantage to buy some Flormar goodies. * Waiting on a train station. * On a train. * Reading a book on my way home.

Ris. He's posing just for you. :)

My 2 little helpers, when I'm taking photos for my blog outside. They both have to be near me and are trying to make photographing impossible for me, while they're both searching my attention.

How was your week? I hope you had a good one. Thank you for reading!

FOTD: Purple Look with a Touch of Peach

Hi, beauties! After a lot nail polish related posts I finally have another FOTD post for you. Although the Spring already started officially, here is still cold, cloudiness and snowy, so I decided to do a smoky look yesterday. Last 2 weeks I didn't do any make up looks, so I was kinda out of practise, that's why my brows and my liner look so horrible.

Yesterday was one of those days, when I applied liner on one eye perfectly and then I totally screw it up on a second eye and in the end I tried to fix it on both eyes to make it look more even and I just made them both look worse. You all probably know this photo. Yp, it was that kind of day. I wanted to make thin eyeliner and in the end I made pretty thick one.

For eye make up I decided to use Sleek Ultra Matte V2 palette, which has dark and all matte eyeshadows. I wanted to do a smoky look with a twist, not tipical smoky look. First I applied black Essence Metallics jumbo pencil Metal Battle as a base, but it was a bad choise, because this pencil contains silver glitter. Then I applied Villain all over my lid and blended it. After that I used Flesh and I applied it in my crease and on my browbone. Then I used Highness and I applied it in my crease and blended it with Villain and Flesh. Under my eyes I first mixed together Noir and Villain and after I applied them, I used Highness to blend those 2 colors and made them brighter a bit. As a highlighter in my inner eye and under my brows I used Pillow Talk.

On my cheaks I used peachy blush, because I wanted to match it with a peachy eyeshadow. On my lips I mixed together nude lipstick and an orange lipgloss. I tried few different lipstick shades before that, but none of them didn't look good with this look, so I had to go with something nude.

Products I used:
- Catrice Prime and Fine eyeshadow base
- Essence Metallics jumbo eye pencil in Metal Battle
- Sleek Ultra Matts V2 palette
- Catrice black kajal eye pencil
- Essence Urban Messages Nightline eyeliner pen
- Catrice Lashes to Kill False Lashes Volume Mascara with False Lash Fibres

- Revlon matte Rich Sable eyeshadow
- Essence Lash&Brow gel mascara

- Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanille (52)
- Essence Compact Powder Soft Beige
- Essence Blossoms etc... Multi Colour Powder Flower Power
- Essence All About Matt fixing compact powder
- Catrice camouflage cream in Ivory
- Essence Cherry Blossom Girl Asian Sensation blush

- Alverde Nude lipstick
- Essence Vintage District duo lipstick and gloss Vintage Peach (gloss)

What do you think? Would you used any other lipstick color with this look? Thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 6: Violet

Hi, girls! For today I planned to post a review, but instead of that I decided to post a gorgeous nail polish, that I used in 31 day challenge. Day 6 are violet nails and for that I decided to use one of the prettiest polishes in my stash, that I wore before, but never published swatches on my blog (like for a lot of other polishes). I'm talking about Orly Fowl Play. It was a part of a Birds of a Feather collection back in 2011. It has a purple jelly base with colorful shimmer and flakies, that reflect from orange and red to green (which is more noticeable in the bottle than on nails). Its formula it's great, it's very easy to apply, but because it's jelly, it's more sheer, so I had to apply it in 3 coats. But I personally don't mind applying more than 2 coats. Because it's sheer, it's also great for layering. I know I said, I'm going to do 31 nail art's in this challenge, but this polish looked too beautiful on its own, so I couldn't add anything on it, I had to wear it alone. I wore it for 3 days. It did chipped a bit, but that's nothing unusual for me. And I wore it without top coat. As you can see, it's very shiny on it's own. I definitely recommend you to get this one, if you can still find it anywhere (Slovenian girls, in Zapikonai it's still available in mini bottle).

Do you have Fowl Play in your stash? What do you think about it? Thank you for reading!