Review: Essence Base Coats and Top Coats

Hi, girls! Today I though I would share with you my opinion about Essence base coats and top coats I've tried. As you'll see, I'm using promo photos for 2 products, but I already throw them away, so I can't use my own photos.

Let's start with Studio Nails 24/7 nail base. As much as I read reviews, girls were in love with this BC, but to me it was average. When it drys, it becomes matt, it prevents staining, it drys fast. But I had big problems with bubbles, when I was using it regular. No mather which polish I used with it, no mather what I did, nail polishes bubbled. Some girls say, that with this BC their manicure last longer, but I didn't notice that (although on my nails is a miracle, if manicure stays on for a whole 2 days). As I said, to me this is an average BC and I won't buy it again.

My all time favourite base coat is Nail Art Protecting base coat. It drya to more glossy finish than 24/7 nail base, it prevents staining, it drys fast, it smooths the surface of my nails, when it drys. I also don't have problems with bubbles, when I'm using it. They do appear here and there, but not so often as by 24/7 nail base. I also love, that when I'm using only this BC, it gaves my nails natural look. I don't have anything bad to say about this BC and I repurchased it many times. Essence is changing the look of this BC this Spring. New BC will have a transparent bottle. I just hope, they' won't change the formula on worse.

Next 2 products I'm going to talk about, actually aren't base coats, they're nail fixing system products, but I used them many times as a base coat. If you used this products, then you know, that first you have to apply first product with fibres and then second product to seal the first one and give it a shine. I used them as base coat a lot, although they alone came out pretty thick and are not the best as BC because of that. Sometimes I noticed, that my manicure lasted longer, when I wore them as a BC. Once I wore one Avon nail polish for 4 days with only tip wear and no chipping. That's a big thing for me. I also noticed, that my nails were more healthy, when I used those products, they didn't flake. Although they were still brittle, because they were breaking. And of course they worked only, if I used them every second or third day, so in the end I started to use them only here and there, not anymore with every manicure. I think they'll be discontinued this Spring.


Now let's go to top coats. I tried only 2 Essence TC from regular assortment. First is Nail Art sealing top coat. It gaves very nice glossy finish, but it drys pretty long. It also smudged my manicures often, specially stamping. I bought only one bottle of it and I didn't even finish it, because I didn't like it that much. This one will also get a new packaging, in new assortment will be in a transparent bottle.


My all time favourite base coat is Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails top sealer. It's fast drying top coat, which drys my manicures in few minutes and I adore it because of that. I remember I didn't like it at the beginning, because it shrinked my manicures, but then someone told me, that I should apply it every time over wet nail polish, not when it already drys a bit, and it actually helped. It has a glossy finish, it doesn't change the color of nail polish, it doesn't smudge stamping. The only thing I hate is, that it becomes very thick, when the bottle is a half empty. I'm also noticing lately, that it causes bubbles on my manicures. But that's probably because of thick coats (When TC becomes thicker, I'm using thick coats with my nail art and nail polishes, because it's easier to apply in thick coats than thin coats then). But I can forgive it all that, because I love, that it drys my manicures so fast. It's a life saviour. :P I'll definitively never stop buying it.

Essence has some great base coats and top coats, which aren't expensive (I think most of them is around 3 €) and that's always a big plus to me. Which are your favourite Essence base coat and top coat? Thank you for reading!