Review and Swatches: Essence I Love Style liquid liner vs. Eveline Liquid Precision 2000 procent eyeliner

Today I'll show you 2 black liners, I'm using at the moment. I have Essence I Love Style liner for more than a year now and I wasn't planning to review it, but then I bought Eveline Liquid precision 2000 procent liner in Black and I though, I should compare them. I'm using both for some time now and I think I can write some conclusions about them.

In Slovenia you can get Eveline products in Nama. They have 2 eyeliners. Eveline Celebrities liner is very praised and I wanted to try it, but by mistake I bought Liquid Precision 2000 procent liner in Black. On bottle it said, that's waterproof and that it has long lasting effect.

When I opened the liner, I was already dissapointed, I don't like these kinds of applicators. This applicator is soft, but it's impossible for me to do even line on my eyes with it. It always look like it would be wavy and then I thicken it and in the end I made it too thick. But it's at least great for wing in the end. The pigmentation of this liner is bad, I always have to do 2 coats, if I won't to have nice black liner on my eyes. On this photo you can see it in action and both of my problems, I already mention - not very straight line and bad pigmentation. It also should be waterproof, but it's not. If I have it for few hours on my lid and it's waterproof, I expect, it won't smudge, but this one does. The thing about long lasting effect it's true, it lasts all day on lids. I payed around 6 € for it, but to me it's not worth this money. Bottle contains 4 ml of product.

Next is Essence I Love Style liquid liner. As much as I know, Essence is discontinuig this one and they will release some new liners.

Essence has a bit rounded applicator in the end. I don't know, which function has that. The application of this liner is easy, because applicator is smooth, and it's very pigmented, much more than Eveline one. The only problem I have with this one is, that I can't apply thin line on my eyes with it. This liner is not waterproof. It's great for everyday use, because it stays long on eyes. The bottle contains 3,5 ml. I don't remember excatly, how much I payed for it, but now it's probably on sale in drugstores.

Swatches of both liners. As you can see here, Eveline is very easy to apply on hand. I wish it would be so easy to apply on my eyes too. Here also looks, like Essence is spilling on my hand, but on eyes that doesn't happen. Both are applied in 1 coat. When they dry, they both look matt.

Lately I'm using both together, because I want to finish them both, but I'm still searching my perfect black liner. I wouldn't buy again any of those two. Do you have any recommendation, which one is your favourite black liner? Thank you for reading.