RETO 2013 Challenge: Love

Hi, beauties! It's time for another manicure in RETO 2013 challenge. This week's task was "inspired by love". I have to admit, I didn't have a clue, what to do for this tasks. I know, there are a lot of Valentine's day manicures, but they rarely really wow me. One of those, that I really like, is a Valentine's day leopard print. I'm a huge fan of leopard print in general, so I though I should try it for this challenge.

I painted all my fingers except middle finger with red nail polish. Middle finger is painted with silver polish. On this finger I did leopard print over a whole nail with one heart. On ring and index finger the idea was to do a leopard print only on one middle of the nail and it really looks better that way. On my pinkie I stamped heart with help of Essence plate and black polish. On thumb I used golden studs from Essence Vintage District nail art kit and I did a heart with them.

Polishes I used here, are Essence Save Your Kisses For Me, Gosh Holographic Hero and random black polish. This time I used very little polishes, but it came out pretty nice. 

Heart of golden studs from close. It actually succeeded me very well. At the beginning I thought I won't be able to put it nice together, but I did. 

So, what do you think about my "love" inspired manicure? Thank you for reading. Also, don't forget to check other girls, what they did.