RETO 2013 Challenge: Flags

Hi, beauties! It's third week in RETO 2013 challenge and this week's task is flags. I decided to do my home country flag - a Slovenian flag.

Our flag has 3 colors - white, blue and red. I decided to paint three nails each with one color. On my middle finger I did a coat of arms. It has a blue base and on it our biggest mountain - Triglav (which means "tripple-headed", that's why there are 3 tops), 2 blue wavy lines in the bottom mean see and rivers and it also has 3 stars. I tried to draw a coat of arms on my nails as it is on the flag, but with nail polish that was impossible, so I painted my nail with blue polish, draw 3 tops for Triglav and 3 stars. In the end it didn't look that bad.

Polishes, I used here, are white Beauty UK polish from Urban Girl set, Astor 70, Essence Redvolution and Essence Sunshine 4ever. 

What do yout think? Thank you for reading. Don't forget to check, what other participants did for this task.