Random Sunday #19

Hi, girls! How was your Sunday? Mine was nothing special. It rained here all day (after a week of snowing), so I just spend it inside watching movie, reading blogs ... This week I don't have a lot of photos, because nothing interesting happened. I was mostly doing swatches, nail art, writing posts, reading literature for my degree, watching shows ... And then last few days I had a cold and I didn't go anywhere. 

Hot chocolate.

Muse Erato in Murska Sobota. It was placed on this square few months ago. This should be a symbol of Prekmurje, but telling the truth, I don't get, how this muse, goose and an owl are our symbol. It would be better, if they would place a stork here. A stork is a symbol of a Prekmurje, if you ask me.

Ice cream from my childhood. I haven't eat it for a long time, because I rarely see it in the store. When we were kids, we ate a lot of this ice cream.

My new blush brush. I was using Essence one till now, but I wasn't satisfied with it very much, so I started to search new one in our drugstores. I heard good things about this brush, so I decided to give it a try. I haven't use it yet, so I can't tell you yet, how it works for me.

I wrote my 700th post yesterday.

And some photos of Ris. He's so excited about the snow and he's always lying and sleeping on it. I wonder, how come he's still not ill.

 I hope you'll have a great week. Thank you for reading!