Random Sunday #16

Hi, girls! I hope you're having lovely Sunday!

Today I'm starting with a big THANK YOU to all of you. I reached 900 followers. I actually had 3. blogaversary on Friday, but I totally forgot about it.

This week I received package from Slovenian team Fleur de Sante for review. I'm already testing products and you can expect a big and long review this month. 

Lovely Mateja D. from Mateji ustvarjata helped me to order some MUA products, because I don't have PayPal account and I received them this week. I'm very satisfied with my order, specially I'm loving palette and lipstick number 3. 

I don't know, if any Random Sunday went by, that I didn't show you Ris. Here we were going for a walk ...

 ... and here he's playing with his ball.

My shadow.

These last few days were sunny. I like that. 

Cutie pie. One of the rare good photos, I have of him. 

Link Love:
*Maki swatches Alessandro Go Magic! Nail Dots Black top coat.This polish, her swatches, everything is amazing. I hope we'll get this polish soon in Slovenia.

*[SLO] Erika wrote a post about D vitamin. Very interesting post as all of her posts are. Their always full of informations and they teach me a lot. 

*On blog Make Up Make Out you can read amazing post about beauty bloggers with title Biti beauty blogerica? Ma ništa lakše. For all those people without blogs, who think, that's writing a beauty blog is one easy thing and that we get easily products for free.

*Lux is a Slovenian blogger, that has great blog, but not a lot followers, so show her some love. Here is link to her blog: http://littlemiraclesx.blogspot.com/.

I wish you all lovely week. Thank you for reading!