Once Upon A Time Challenge: Storybrooke

Hi, girls! Today is the first day of Once Upon A Time nail art challenge. The theme of day 1 is Storybrooke/Enchanted forest.

Because I thought most of girls will do Enchanted forest, I choosed Storybrooke. I was thinking for some time, what exactly should I do and then I went quickly through few episodes. In the end I choosed 5 things, that are characteristic for Storybrook by my opinion. 
Pinkie: I did Henry's book of fairytales, because he's wearing it all the time with him and this book is a reason, he knows all resident of Storybrooke are enchanted. 
Ring finger: It's Regina's apple tree. I didn't want to do an apple again, because I already did it in this post, but she's very proud on her apple tree and apples, so I had to include it in this manicure.
Middle finger: A clock, which is probably one of the biggest symbols of Storybrooke. It was showing 8:15 all the time, until Emma didn't decided to stay in Storybrooke.
Index finger: This should be a sign "Welcome to Storybrooke", but my finger is to small to write all down, so it looks a bit messy (I would totally need nail art pen for this).
Thumb: Emma's car. To me this is Emma's symbol and I don't imagine her driving any other car. And I love, that car is yellow, I would totally steal it from her.

I used a whole bunch of polishes for this: Essence Totally Retro Nude, Manhattan Liquid Mettals 29Z, Catrice No Snow Petrol, H&M Midnight Passion, Essence I Am A Viator, Essence Fall For Me, Essence Yellow Fellow, white Beauty UK polish, white Fingrs Original French Manicure polish and random black polish.

My favourite of all is Emma's car, I think it succeded me the best. I spend a hour and a half doing this manicure, because when I did something right, something else went wrong. I waited 30 minuted before applying TC, but I still smudged the manicure. I correct it a bit in GIMP, so it wouldn't be that noticeable. 

What do you think, do you like it? Don't forget to check other participant, what they did. Thank you for reading.