Once Upon a Time Challenge: The Princess

Hi, girls! Today it's time for another manicure in OUAT nail art challenge. This time the task was The princess. I have to admit, that at the beginning I didn't had a clue, what to do, but then I got few ideas, so I'm cheating a bit and I'm publishing 2 manicures today. After this there's only 1 manicure left.

For my first inspiration I took 5 women's characters: Mulan, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. Mulan is more warrior than I princess, but I decided to include her here too, specially because all of these 5 characters are protagonists in their own fairytales and they're all Disney's princess.

My inspiration for this manicure were dresses, that they wear, so I painted each nail with matching color to the dress: red for Mulan (she wears red and black combo, but I decided for red here), lilac for Aurora, blue for Cinderella, yellow for Belle and white for Snow White. Then on each finger I draw a symbol, that represents each of these women: for Mulan I draw a sword, because she's a warrior, for Aurora a spinning whell (actually only a wheel, it was easier), because she was under a sleeping curse because of it, for Cinderella a shoe, for Belle a broken cup, which she broke in Rumpelstiltskin home and for Snow White a bow.

Polishes I used here, are H&M Midnight Passion, Depend 223, Essence Nude or What, China Glaze Mahogany Magic, white Beauty UK from Urban Girl set, Bourjois Bleu Water, Essence Fortune Cookie and Essence Redvolution. 

 For my second manicure I took as an inspiration Mulan and her warrior outfit.

On an accent nail I draw a symbol, she's having on her chest (I'm not sure, what that is, maybe a tiger?) and on other nails I did a golden-red dots, she's having on her shoulders. For this manicure I used H&M Midnight Passion, white Beauty UK polish from Urban Girl set, Manhattan Liquid Metals 29Z and a random black polish.

I hope, you don't mind, that I showed you 2 manicures for this task, but I couldn't decided which idea was better. What do you think? Thank you for reading and don't forget to check, what other girls did for this task.