NOTD: Valentine's Day

Ok, I'm not one of those, who are all crazy about Valentine's day and to me this isn't special holiday, I think we can share love every day and we don't need a special day for that, but today I thought it's about time, that I wear Essence Sunshine and Red Roses, a red glittery topper with red hearts. I have it for over a month and I still didn't wear a full manicure with it.

As I base I used Essence Ticket To The Show, a black shade with multicolored glitter, that I got some days ago from Colorful Harmony (thank you, girl :*). I wanted to get it on sale, before it would be gone, but it was sold out by us. I used black base, because glitter looks better over it and because I didn't want, that my manicure would look too sweet. I applied 2 coats.

Then I applied 1 coat of Sunshine and Red Roses. Hearts were hard to apply, there didn't stay more than one heart on one nail, so I put them all in the middle of each nail. I really like this manicure, I hope it'll last on me for few days, (although I doubt).

I also got a V-day present, although we don't celebrate it. It was just one of those moments, I want to get you something, because I know, you gonna like it. And I love it. New Essence stuff.

I'm on a nail polish no buy this month, but I can't say, if it's going well or not. Ok, I didn't bought any nail polish for more than I month, but I did get a lot of them in last 2 weeks from others, so I really can't say, if my no buy is going great or not. On one side it's going great, because I didn't buy any NP, but on second side it's not going too well, because my collection is growing anyway. It's complicated. But I love every single polish, that I got lately. Sorry for my rambling.

What are you wearing today on your nails? Do you celebrate Valentine's day? Thank you for reading!