Essence Nail Art Magnetics Nail Polishes

Hi, girls! Essence will soon release 2 new magnetic nail polish shades and 4 magnets and I still haven't wrote about some old shades I own, soo I'm going to share them with you today. I have shades Magic Red Carpet, Wish List Secrets and Spell Bound.

All 3 polishes I applied in 2 coats and pattern is made with Depend magnet. I always use magnetic polishes so, that first I apply one coat of polish on all nails. Then, when polish is dry, I work with each finger separately. I apply second coat and immediatelly use magnet.

Magic Red Carpet is a beautiful red shimmery shade, that I would also wear without pattern. This one has very nice formula and it's easy to apply. It+s opaque already after first coat, but I prefer using 2 coats. 

Wish List Secret is an olive green shimmery shade, that has silver lines. Application is nice. This one requires 2 coats.

Spell Bound is a dark blue shimmery shade, that has greyish lines. This one also has nice application and requires 2 coats. 

Now let's go to the magnet. I got it, because it makes star on nails and I think, the effect is pretty, but unfortunatelly this magnet is very bad. 

I tested it with all 3 Essence magnetic polishes. As you can see, it worked the best on my thumb, which is also the biggest finger. The worse it worked with red polish, it just didn't want to do nice pattern. Other problem was, that I didn't know, how to hold magnet, so it would make pattern in the middle. Even if I had it even on both sizes, pattern was never in the middle. This magnet is definitely waste of money.

Essence magnetic polishes are nice. If you work with any strong magnet, it will make nice pattern, so I recommend it, but definitively don't buy their magnets, because they sucks. 

Do you have any Essence Magnetics polish? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading.