Srečanje slovenskih blogeric in posti prejšnjega tedna (Slovenian Bloggers)

Živjo! Pred kratkim smo se blogerice na Twitterju pogovarjale, da bi bilo lepo, če bi se kdaj tudi v živo spoznale in tako je nanesla beseda na to, da bi lahko organizirale kako neformalno druženje. Na koncu smo se odločile za soboto, 9. 3. 2013, ker je datum večini ustrezal. Ker vem, da vse nimate Twitterja, delim tale plakat tudi na blogu, da vas ga bo čim več videlo in upam tudi, da imelo čas, da se udeležite srečanja. Seveda lahko vsaka podeli plakat na svojem blogu, če želi. Upam, da se nas bo odzvalo čim več in da se nas čim več v živo spozna. :))

Če pridete, potrdite svoj prihod na blogu Slovenian Bloggers pod to objavo.

In o čem smo pisale prejšnji teden:

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Yes! Green clouds can exist! On Taya's nails. 

Ohh, this must be yummy! Maja's Vegan Chocolate Cake with Kiwi. 

Konad is never out of fashion, Katiee's nails are a proof!

Soul Fishing shows the best beauty picks for spring 2013. 

Anyone looking for a concealer? Zala has a review of one from Maybelline. 

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Colorful Harmony is saying goodbye to a Catrice product.

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And we end with another tag - from Lux.

RETO 2013 Challenge: Disney

Hi, beauties! Today I'm back with another challenge. It's already week 4 in RETO 2013 challenge. Omg, how quickly the times goes by. This week's theme is inspired by Disney. This one was hard, because there are so many different movies and characters, that can inspire you to do a manicure. First I planned to do Ariel, but then I saw, that few girls already did Ariel inspired manicure for this challenge and I didn't want to repeat it, so I was thinking about something else. Then I thought about Pirates of the Carribean nail art, but inspiration didn't want to come to me, so in the end I decided for animated movie The Princess and the Frog, which I loved. 

On my middle finger I draw Naveen and on my ring figer Tiana as frogs. She was brighter than he, so I used different polishes for them. Inspiration for other 3 nails was a designs on her dress, that looks like a tulip flower. She also has dots on dress but I decided to skip them.

I used a lot of polishes for this nail art: China Glaze Westside Warrior and Trendsetter for Naveen, Essence Upper Green Side and Exits on Your Right for Tiana, white Beauty UK polish from Urban Girl set, random black polish and China Glaze Mahogany Magic for both frogs and Catrice Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy, She 310 and Essence We Rock The Green for tulip dress design. 

I think this manicure succeed me well. What do you think, do you like it? Thank you for reading. Don't forget to check, what other girls did.

Recap: Once Upon a Time Nail Art Challenge

Hi, girls! It's me again today with a quick post. I just want to show you all manicures I did for OUAT challenge with links to posts, if you missed any. 

Day 8: The princess (I did 2 manicures)

My favourite is definitively day 9, but I also like very much days 3, 6 and 7. Which one is your favourite? Thank you for reading!

Once Upon a Time Challenge: Inspired by Your Favourite Episode

Hi, beauties! And it's over. Today it's the last day of OUAT nail art challenge. It's been a real fun and really challenging. Last task in this challenge it's "inspired by your favourite episode". This one was not easy at all, because I love this show very much and first season it's just amazing. Ok, second one is not so good, but I hope that with every next episode will become better.

I liked all episodes in season 1, but for this manicure I decided to find an inspiration in episode 22, the last episode of season 1. It was a great episode. Emma was fighting with a dragon in it and I decided to take this fight as an inspiration. If you watch the show, then you know, that this dragon was Maleficent and Regina brought her in Storybrooke as a dragon and not a person and she was hiding her from others.

Maleficent is wearing purple in this show, so I did a purple dragon inspired nails. On middle finger I draw a green dragon eye. I have to admit, it looked a bit better in my mind, but it doesn't look bad on nails at all. This is definitively my favourite manicure I did for this challenge. That's why there are also so many photos. First 3 are without top coat and others 3 are with top coat.

Polished I used for this manicure, are: Essence Stuck On You, Lovie No. 13, Misslyn Las Vegas, Essence We Rock The Green, Essence Upper Green Side and a random black polish.

I'm kinda happy and sad at once, that this challenge is already over. But I can still do some manicures, if I'll have ideas, for my OUAT series (I already have prepared one manicure). Girls, that are participating in this challenge, you can already send me your favourite/best manicure for voting. More about that read here.

What do you think about my nails, inspired by a favourite episode? Do you like them? Thank you for reading. Also don't forget to check, what other girls did for last task:

Catrice Nail Polish Swatches Part 1

Hi, beauties! Catrice is changing their whole line of nail polishes in Spring and I still haven't show you a lot of their polishes I have from a current line. In Slovenia old polishes are already on sale, so I think it's about time, that I do that. They're going to change the formula of polishes, but few shades will come back (like George Blueney and some others). But mainly the shades will be new.

Today I'm going to show you 3 shades, that I swatched some time ago. Others I swatched today and they'll be on my blog later this week. Catrice is one of my favourites brands, when it comes to nail polish. They have good selection of colors and I love their formula. They work great for me. 

I'm a Lob-Star is an orangy-red creme shade. I really liked its formula, it made application very easy. Here I used 2 coats.

No Snow Patrol is a teal shimmery shade, one of my favourites from their current line. It has a bit thicker formula, but to me it didn't cause any problems by application. I love to combine it with Essence Mrs and Mr Glitter, they look amazing together. Here I used 2 coats.  

Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans is a darker blue creme shade. There was an old version of this polish with a blue shimmer in it and last Spring, if I'm not mistaken, they brought it back, just without shimmer. I like the version without shimmer more (yap, I'm a huge fan of cremes), so I had to buy it. The application of this polish is a bit tricky, it's better to have less polish on the brush, it applys easier that way.  For this swatch I used 2 coats. 

Second part od Catrice nail polish swatches will be up in next few days (but before I have to show you some nail art manicures for the challenges). Do you have any of these 2 Catrice shades? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading.

Random Sunday #19

Hi, girls! How was your Sunday? Mine was nothing special. It rained here all day (after a week of snowing), so I just spend it inside watching movie, reading blogs ... This week I don't have a lot of photos, because nothing interesting happened. I was mostly doing swatches, nail art, writing posts, reading literature for my degree, watching shows ... And then last few days I had a cold and I didn't go anywhere. 

Hot chocolate.

Muse Erato in Murska Sobota. It was placed on this square few months ago. This should be a symbol of Prekmurje, but telling the truth, I don't get, how this muse, goose and an owl are our symbol. It would be better, if they would place a stork here. A stork is a symbol of a Prekmurje, if you ask me.

Ice cream from my childhood. I haven't eat it for a long time, because I rarely see it in the store. When we were kids, we ate a lot of this ice cream.

My new blush brush. I was using Essence one till now, but I wasn't satisfied with it very much, so I started to search new one in our drugstores. I heard good things about this brush, so I decided to give it a try. I haven't use it yet, so I can't tell you yet, how it works for me.

I wrote my 700th post yesterday.

And some photos of Ris. He's so excited about the snow and he's always lying and sleeping on it. I wonder, how come he's still not ill.

 I hope you'll have a great week. Thank you for reading!

Slovenian bloggers 7/2013

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to last week?
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Katiee did an orange and nude leopard manicure.

Deja did a dramatic neutral makeup.

Check this Valentine's day mani from Uniqua Poly.

Wanna learn how to make rice souffle?

Maja G. got a new fragrance.

Another recipe! This one is by Lollistick.

Maja chose her 2012's favourites

Taya tried her Fleur de Sante products.

Check Essie's Too Too Hot on Zala's page. 

Mateja did a zombie mani by accident. And is babbling again.

Have you heard of iPotty before? iStant writes about it.

Once Upon a Time Challenge: The Princess

Hi, girls! Today it's time for another manicure in OUAT nail art challenge. This time the task was The princess. I have to admit, that at the beginning I didn't had a clue, what to do, but then I got few ideas, so I'm cheating a bit and I'm publishing 2 manicures today. After this there's only 1 manicure left.

For my first inspiration I took 5 women's characters: Mulan, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. Mulan is more warrior than I princess, but I decided to include her here too, specially because all of these 5 characters are protagonists in their own fairytales and they're all Disney's princess.

My inspiration for this manicure were dresses, that they wear, so I painted each nail with matching color to the dress: red for Mulan (she wears red and black combo, but I decided for red here), lilac for Aurora, blue for Cinderella, yellow for Belle and white for Snow White. Then on each finger I draw a symbol, that represents each of these women: for Mulan I draw a sword, because she's a warrior, for Aurora a spinning whell (actually only a wheel, it was easier), because she was under a sleeping curse because of it, for Cinderella a shoe, for Belle a broken cup, which she broke in Rumpelstiltskin home and for Snow White a bow.

Polishes I used here, are H&M Midnight Passion, Depend 223, Essence Nude or What, China Glaze Mahogany Magic, white Beauty UK from Urban Girl set, Bourjois Bleu Water, Essence Fortune Cookie and Essence Redvolution. 

 For my second manicure I took as an inspiration Mulan and her warrior outfit.

On an accent nail I draw a symbol, she's having on her chest (I'm not sure, what that is, maybe a tiger?) and on other nails I did a golden-red dots, she's having on her shoulders. For this manicure I used H&M Midnight Passion, white Beauty UK polish from Urban Girl set, Manhattan Liquid Metals 29Z and a random black polish.

I hope, you don't mind, that I showed you 2 manicures for this task, but I couldn't decided which idea was better. What do you think? Thank you for reading and don't forget to check, what other girls did for this task. 

NOTD: Green Clouds

Hi, girls! I'm back with another post today. This morning I showed you my FOTD from 2 days ago and now I have for you a manicure, I'm currently wearing. After all those nail art's for challenges I thought it's time for something easy (lately I can't wear only one color on my nails, it has to be something more). I bet you all know blogger Nailside, which has always amazing nail art ideas. My manicure is made by her tutorial for freehand cloud design.

I choosed all green nail polishes, because I wanted to try my new Essence polishes, I showed you here. Besides both Essence shades, called Upper Green Side and We Rock The Green, I also used Catrice King Of Greens (you can't miss the green here:D). It's very easy to do and it looks very nice on nails. Unfortunatelly it already chipped and I have to remove it tomorrow, because I have to do new manicure for OUAT challenge.

Have you already try cloud nail art? What do you think about mine? Thank you for reading!

FOTD with Essence and MUA

Hi, girls! Today I have for you a make up look, that I wore 2 days ago. I'm thinking about starting to post more FOTD posts, because I really enjoyed last 1,5 month, when I was publishing OUAT inspired looks and I'm kinda missing it. My make up looks on every day basis aren't anything special, but I thought maybe here and there I'll show you, how I combine certain products.

The idea for this look was actually to do a black liner and to use Essence Stay Matt lip cream (which is crazily pigmented), but then I saw MUA Undressed palette and I though I could do a look with it and it the end it came out golden-greyish look, which by my opinion looked great with Essence lip cream. I know, I look so pale on these photos. I did use a blush, but it looks like I haven't. I think it's the light problem, it makes me more pale, than I really am.

Products I used here:
- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- MUA Undressed palette
- Eveline Liquid Precision eyeliner 2000 Procent Black
- Catrice black kajal eye pencil
- Catrice Lashes to Kill False Lashes Volume Mascara with False Lash Fibres

- Revlon matte Rich Sable eyeshadow
- Essence Lash&Brow gel mascara

- Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanille (52)
- Essence Forget it! 3in1 concealer
- Essence Rebels lip and cheak pot Peach Punk

- Essence Stay Matt lip cream in Smooth Berry

What do you think? Would you like to see more FOTD posts on my blog? Thank you for reading!

RETO 2013 Challenge: Flags

Hi, beauties! It's third week in RETO 2013 challenge and this week's task is flags. I decided to do my home country flag - a Slovenian flag.

Our flag has 3 colors - white, blue and red. I decided to paint three nails each with one color. On my middle finger I did a coat of arms. It has a blue base and on it our biggest mountain - Triglav (which means "tripple-headed", that's why there are 3 tops), 2 blue wavy lines in the bottom mean see and rivers and it also has 3 stars. I tried to draw a coat of arms on my nails as it is on the flag, but with nail polish that was impossible, so I painted my nail with blue polish, draw 3 tops for Triglav and 3 stars. In the end it didn't look that bad.

Polishes, I used here, are white Beauty UK polish from Urban Girl set, Astor 70, Essence Redvolution and Essence Sunshine 4ever. 

What do yout think? Thank you for reading. Don't forget to check, what other participants did for this task.