The Beauty Of Yellow And Blue

Hi, girls! I planned another review for today, but I'm to tired to write it, so I just wanted to show you, what I created yesterday on my eyes. My inspiration was this photo of Beauty and The Beast. I wanted to see, how blue and yellow eyeshadow will look together on me, so I started to apply eyeshadows without knowing, how it will look in the end. I have to say, I'm very satisfied with this look, it looked very nice in the end.

I used eyeshadows from Sleek Curacao, MUA Undressed and Beauty UK Twilight palette. I used more eyeshadows, than it's visible on the photo. That happens, when you want to create something and you have no idea, what exactly. Liner is My Sparkling Acrobat from Essence Circus Circus TE, which is almost gone. I had 2 bottles of it and I already almost finished both. It was my favourite. Mascara is my Bourjois one, which I'll have to replace soon, because it's almost empty. It's not visible on my eyelashes anymore. Any good drugstore mascara recommendation for volume? If you're wondering, why I'm showing you only my eye - I didn't do a whole makeup look, I just played with eyeshadows on my eyes.

What do you think about my look, do you like it? Thank you for reading.

10 komentarjev

  1. Very pretty look:) I love the color combo!

  2. super mi je kombinacija zute i plave, doduse ja uglavnom koristim svijetlo zutu u tom slucaju, morat cu probat ovako neku intenzivniju

    1. Hvala. :) Za intenzivnejši look je boljša malo bolj intenzivna rumena, za naravnejšega pa bolj taka svetlejša. :) Jaz imam eno svetlo iz Essence palete, ki mi k temu looku verjetno sploh ne bi pasala.