Review: Born Pretty Store Nail Art Desing Brush Set

Hi, girls! Today I have for you something, that every girl, that loves nail art, needs - nail art brushes. I received them from Born Pretty Store for the review. Last few nail art manicures I did with them and I love them. In the set I got 15 different brushes of all sizes and shapes and with them is possible to do a lot of different designs. 

Brushes arrived in a plastic bag and each have plastic case to protect them, so they don't damage. In a set there are 3 drawing tools, 7 painting tools, 2 liners, 1 dotting tool, 2 fan brushes. They cost 5,96$ (around 4,50 €), so they're not expensive at all. Brushes have white plastic holder, which is very light and it's easy to work with it. With them you can create many different designs, from dots, lines, flowers to fan, gradient and many others precise manicures. Wider brushes are also great for cleaning mistakes with nail polish remover, I'm using the one with brown bristles for that in it's doing this job perfectly.

Here are some nail art's I did using these brushes. Most of them you already saw on my blog.

If you're searching good nail art brushes, I definitely recommend you these. They're not expensive and they're doing their job great. If you're going to shop in Born Pretty Store, use my code for 10% discount.

What do you think about these brushes, would you give them a try? Thank you for reading.

*This product was send to me for review. For more information read my Disclosure Policy.