Review and Swatches: Essence Vintage District TE

Hi, girls! Today I have for you review and swatches of products I bought from Essence Vintage District TE. On upper photo you can see, what I got: a blush, gel eyeliner, both lipsticks and one nail art decoration kit. 

Let's start with the blush. The blush was on my WL, since I saw promo photos. I admit, I'm a sucker for nice designs. It has gorgeous golden flower, which looks totally vintage to me. It's called It's Popul-art. The blush itself is peachy and it has matt finish. This peachy part it's not very pigmented. The golden color is only on the surface and you remove it pretty fast. Underneath is a coral matt blush, which has much better pigmentation than peachy part and it's also softer. Peachy part is pretty hard, I hardly made a swatch. But all three colors mixed together gave pretty nice bronzed look to the cheeks and are also very pigmented (at least to me, but I'm pretty pale, I don't need a lot of blush to achieve nice look). The packaging contains 9 g of blush and it costs 3,59 €.

Next is gel liner. I also had this one on WL, because I didn't had any teal liner. This one is called Shopping @ Portobello Road. Together with gel liner you get the brush, but to me the brush isn't very useful, because you can't make thin, precise line with it. It's only useful, if you want to make thicker line. The jar contains 3,5 g of products and the set costs 2,69 €.   

The liner is pretty hard. From former Essence gel liners I own I'm use to, that they're more creamy and soft. I mean, when I put a brush into those liners, the brush dips into it, but here not, it stays on the top and it collects liner perfectly. I hope you understand, what I want to say with this. But this is a good thing for me, it's very easy to work with this liner. It's also easy to apply, the only downside is, that is bad pigmented and you have to go 2 or 3 times over to make it opaque. These swatches are made with a brush, that comes in a set. 

Here's swatch on my bare eye. I also made this one with the brush, that comes in a set. I applied 2 coats here. 

Next are lipsticks. One is called Antique Pink, which is nice reddish pink creamy shade and the second it's called Vintage Peach, which is orange toned creamy shade. Each lipstick has a lipgloss, that's in the same color as lipstick. They both have shimmer in it. The glosses are not bad, they're not stick, they moisturize the lips, but they have very strong sweet smell. Also both lipsticks have a sweet smell, but it's not as strong as by glosses. I admit, I would prefer, if these lipsticks would be without glosses. Each packaging contains 4 g of lipsticks and 3 g of gloss and it costs 3,29 €. 

This is how the brush of lipglosses looks. 

I love Antique Pink lipsticks very much, is has good pigmentation and it looks very pretty on lips. Also Vintage Peach had good pigmentation, when I swatched it on my hand, but on my lips it looks more like a gloss. But those are the kind of lipsticks I like, because I can wear them with me in my purse and I can apply them whenever I want without a mirror, because you can't make a mistake with them (like with very bold and pigmented lipsticks). They don't last long, but as I said you can re-apply them whenever you want.

Vintage Peach swatched on my lips. Left is a lipstick and right is a lipgloss. 

Antique Pink swatched on my lips. Left is a lipstick and right is a lipgloss. 

The last thing I got is a nail art kit. It has 5 different designs for nails and it costs 2,69 €. It's pretty nice idea. I haven't try it yet, but you can bet, you'll see a manicure made with it very soon.

What do you think about Vintage District TE? Did you get anything? Thank you for reading.