Review and Swatches: Essence Snow Jam TE

Two days ago I found Essence Snow Jam trend edition collection and I decided to get a hand creme, because I like Essence creams, and 2 nail polishes, that were the most interesting, Life Is A Freeride and Goofy-Blue.

The cream is made for very dry skin. It has the same consistency than their creams from Winter limited edition collection, so it may not be enough, if you have very very dry skin. For mine it works great. It soakes pretty fast and it mousturizes the skin. It gaves it a silky feeling. It also has a very pleasant smell, although I can't describe it, I can't figure it out, on what reminds me. It contains 75 ml of product and I payed only 1,39 € for it. I recommend it, it's a good cream.

Life Is A Freeride is a teal shimmery shade. Imagine it a bit more green, that it is on my photos. This baby is so hard to photograph. I tried different lighting, settings, but nothing helped, so I'm showing you swatches from my lightboy. It's has a great formula and it's very easy to apply. I used 2 coats here. 

Goofy-Blue is my favourite from this collection. It's a cornflower shade with silver flecks. It's gorgeous. This one also wasn't the easiest to photograph, because it looks more blue on photos than it really is. And I'm sorry for bad photos, I know my nails look horibble here. I made swatches of it yesterday, but by mistake I deleted photos from my camera and today a nail on my ring finger broke and it's very noticeable. Sorry for that, but I wanted to share this beauty with you. This polish is also easy to apply and I used 2 coats here.

What do you think about Snow Jam TE? Did you get anything from it? Thank you for reading.