Review and Swatches: Catrice Rumble in the Jungle palette

I bought this Catrice palette long time ago and because it's going to be discontinued, it's about time, that I write a review about it. The palette is called Rumble in the Jungle and it contains acid green shimmery shade, dark green shimmery shade, golden shimmery shade and purple matt shade. As much as I know, this palette was part of limited edition collection few years ago (Papagena LE) and then last Spring they add it as a part of their regular assortment.

This palette is pretty, eyeshadows are good pigmented, easy to apply and blend, they don't crease. They do fade after few hours on lids. It's also not very unique palette - in my collection I can find similar shades to acid green, dark green and purple shade. But no mather that I still like it. My favourite eyeshadow is purple one, I mostly use this one from this palette. Bigger shadows have 2,5 g and little 1,5. The price is around 4 €, I don't remember exactly.

Here's a look I made with this palette a long long time ago, so I can't tell you much about it, sorry.

Do you own any Catrice palette? What do you think about this one, will you get it before it's gone? Thank you for reading.