Random Sunday #15

Hi, girls! How are you today? I don't feel very well, I think I got a cold. I hope I'll feel better in the morning, I'm preparing some exciting things and also a lot of reviews on my blog in upcoming week.

My NOTD from the beginning of the week. Essence It's Peach Not Cherry + Essence More Than Words.

Getting ready to arrange some things on Monday.

Waiting for a bus. I noticed, that I have very very long hair. Love them, although I'm thinking to shorten them.

Bus ticket. I was driving with a bus after a long long time.

This week a gain 888 followers (love the number :D). Now there's already 890 of you. Thank you!

Slovenian ladies, Bioderma is giving samples for you skin type, so if you haven't order them yet, go on www.bioderma.si page and sing in (vpiši se). After 2 days you'll get samples by post delivery.

Our cat is trying to figure it out, how to came in the house through the window. The window was of course closed, because it's winter, so he didn't succeed. But he was so funny, climbing on the window and trying to get in.

The Huntsman inspired manicure and the wolf from the show, that was an inspiration for the wolf on my index finger.

Wearing my new wedge sneackers. They're so comfortable.

This week I tried marble manicure by this tutorial, but I wasn't satisfied with it. My nail polish stickers didn't want to stick on my nails, so I had to use top coat for that and the cleaning was also PITA. By Lee everything looked so easy, so I have to try again. I think I'll try to do it with other polishes and then I'll write a post about it.

My nail polish collection. I was organizing it this week, because I'll give few more polishes away (I have quite few dupes or similar shades). This week I'll probably photograph all polishes I have and I'll also made a list of them. I haven't updated nail polish collection list since last May and it changed a lot since then. Then in Februar (that will come soon) I'll do few separate posts to show you my collection. Do you want to see it by color or by brand? I'm thinking about showing it to you by color.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice week.