Random Sunday #14

Hi, girls! Today I'll bore you with snow. Here it was snowing a whole week and I made a lot of photos, so I hope you don't mind I'll show you so many of them. As you know, I hate snow, but there's at least one good thing -  it looks nice on photos. 

First let start with some statistics. Last days has been hectic on my blog. I had so many views per day. Never before I had them so many. These are my views from yesterday, I took a print screen this morning. All I can say it's wow. This is really a big number for me.

The main road in our town on Monday. It was snowing like crazy and streets weren't clean until noon.

This is what I call pleasure after few hours of cleaning snow in our yard. Warm bed, Once Upon A Time and cappuccino. 

A smile in my cappuccino. 

A big hill of snow in our jard ...

... and someone, who's really enjoying on it. :)

It's snowing again.

Snowy nature.

2 of nails on my swatching hand broke, so I had to shorten them all. First polish I painted them with, was white and no, this had nothing to do with snow. I was just wondering, how Essence flakies top coat looks over white.

My current manicure. You saw it in yesterday's post.

I finally got wedge sneackers. I bought them in New Yorker for 10 €. Gosh, I love good deals. :)

The other 2 things I got on sale, were these 2 necklases. I got them in Two Way for less than 3 € each. They came with earrings, but I prefer necklases on their own, so I probably won't wear earrings. They're both so pretty. 

 Few more photos of Ris. He's really happy, that is snow outside.

 So sorry, if I bored you today with my photos. I wish you nice weekend and thank you for reading.