Random Sunday #13

Hi, beauties! How are you today? Here it was snowing almost a whole day and it still didn't stopped. I don't like snow, but it's good for at least one thing - it looks good on photos. :P

Ris. He's always the most happy, when it snows. And he posed me here. He hates camera and he doesn't like I take photos of him, but here he posed to me and he wait that I photographed him, before he moved. I have no idea, how did that happen, but it did. Otherwise I could never photograph his last pose.

How many pheasant do you see on this photo?

 Me going for a walk. I wear no make up here. 

I did some cosmetics shopping this week. I finally found Essence Snow Jam and Vintage Disctrict TE. You already read one review, another will be up in next few days. I also bought Eveline nail hardener, because everyone is raving, how great it is. 

The other day I started to watch The Tudors again, because I didn't have anything else to watch. Henry Cavill is great in this show, I love him and his character.

My Catrice nail polish collection. I have 51 their polishes. Crazy?
EDIT: I actually have 52 polishes, I forgot to add Coral -al -al -al. Ups. :$

 The old building in my village, that was falling in ruins for more than 50 years and now it's a cloister.

 I started to filling my jar of happiness of 2013. That means a jar of good things, that will happen to me this year. There already happened some good things and I'll definitelly buy a bigger jar, because I decided, I'll have great 2013.

Something sweet. Ferrero Rocher tastes good, but I don't understand, why is so expensive, because it's nothing special for that money. And I admit, I prefer Raffaello. :P

Going for a walk today. Yes, even our cat went with us.

Link love:
*Alessandro released Nail Dots top coat, which is a dupe of OPI Black Spotted. I want!

*Do you use selftanning products? Then read this post by Fatalna.si, it's interesting (only in Slovene9.


 I hope, you'll have wondeful week. Thank you for reading.