Quick Swatches: Essence Hugs&Kisses Nail Polishes

Hi, girls! If you follow me on Facebook, then you know, that yesterday I found Essence collection Hugs&Kisses in Müller. Today I have for you swatches of all 5 I got polishes on a nail wheel and a NOTD, I made with 3 of them.

Save Your Kisses For Me is a red creme shade, which has very good formula and it's opaque in one coat. The application of this one is very easy. I have few red creamy shades in my stash, but I think this one is the most pretty of the all
Sunshine And Red Roses is a red glittery polish. It contain blue, red, green and purple small glitter and big red heart glitters. This one is the star of this collection, it's the most pretty of all toppers. But as I've heard, it's going to be available only in Müllers. DM's and other drugstores in Germany have small displays, that are without both red polishes. I'm not sure, if our DM will get this collection or not.

Crazy In Love has small purple glitters and big purple heart glitters. To me this one is the least pretty of them all.

Dreams For Sale is a "white" glitter polish. It has different size and shape glitters in it and on nails they look green and orangy. At different corner it can also reflect blue. This one is my second favourite.

More Than Words has different size and shape glitters as Dreams For Sale does, just that this one look orangy on nails and if you look at different angle, it reflects green.  

I applied glittery polishes over black base. The application of all 4 polishes is very good, glitters stay on nails and you don't carry them away from the nails with brush, as by some other Essence polishes with big glitter (Snow White TE, Mrs and Mr Glitter). On nail wheel even hearts stay. I can't tell, if the same would happen on my short nails, because I haven't try those 2 nail polishes on them yet.  

For my today's manicure I decided to start with 2 coats of Save Your Kisses For Me. I could use only one coat, because on my short nails that would be enough, but I always use 2 coats, even with 1 coaters.

Then I decided to use Dreams For Sale on all nails except my middle finger, where I applied More Than Words. You probably can't say from photo, that there are 2 polishes, but the difference is more visible in person.

If you're a fan of glittery polishes, I definitely recommend you these four, althougt they're smaller size as we're use to by Essence. One bottle contains only 5 ml of polish. I payed 1,59 € for each. 

What do you think? Will you get these polishes? Thank you for reading.