Once Upon A Time Series: Ruby (Makeup)

Hi, girls! I'm continuing with Once Upon A Time Series and for today I decided to do Ruby inspired makeup look. She is rebellious jung women and in first season she wears bold makeup. Today I decided to recreate her look from episode 15 Red-Handed, that talks about Ruby/Red Riding Hood. But I have one of her looks from former episodes in mind to recreate too.

This is my recreation. 

Eye makeup from close. She wears pink eyeshadows, winged liner and black eyeshadow/liner under her eyes and on waterline. It looks amazing on her. I also added white shimmer shade in inner corner of my eyes, because it looked to me, like she has highlighted this area.

On her cheaks she wears purple blush, but I don't have any purple blush. I used Everyday Minerals Cookie Sheet blush, I got from Gone2Rehab some time ago. It's more mauvy color and it's looks more pinkish on my cheaks, but it's the closest shade I have, that's similar to the shade she wears on cheaks. On lips she wears dark berry/purple shade, so I mixed few lispticks, but mine lipsare more bright.

Products I used:
- Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base
- Beauty Uk Pastels
- Beauty Uk Day&Night
- Catrice Rumble In The Jungle palette
- Essence I Love Style liquid eyeliner
- Eveline Liquid Precision eyeliner 2000 Procent Black
- Catrice black kajal eye pencil
- Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definiton mascara Max Black

- Revlon matte Rich Sable eyeshadow
- Essence Lash&Brow gel mascara

- Deborah BB cream Fair
- Essence Compact Powder Soft Beige
- Essence Blossoms etc... Multi Colour Powder Flower Power
- Essence Forget it! 3in1 concealer
- Everyday Minerals Cookie Sheet blush

- H&M dark berry lipstick
- Essence Berry Me Home
- Catrice Lovely Lilac

What do you think about my recreation of Ruby's look? Do you like it? Thank you for reading.

25 komentarjev

  1. wow, beautiful! great work, you did very nice make-up!

  2. Ful dobro :) Ta njen look je bil tud meni všeč :)

    1. Hvala. :) Ja, na njen prekrasno izgleda. Meni je tako lepa. :)

  3. Beautiful, I did exact same look on my blog some time ago :)

  4. super super svidja mi se look a ti si ga savrseno rekreirala :D

    1. Hvala. :) Čeprav moram priznati, da sem se čudno počutila s pink senčili na očeh. Ampak Ruby krasno pašejo. :D

  5. So nice,I love love the eyes,looks really good on you,well done my dear:)

  6. Superca!
    Ona ima res vedno tako lep MU,
    ti si ga pa tudi čudovito naredila:)

    1. Hvala. :) Meni je ona prekrasna. :D

  7. Super mi je tvoj Once Upon A Time serijal :)

  8. Awesome recreation! It looks beautiful on you! I like Ruby's character in this series and I always noticed her gorgeous make-up :D

    1. THank you. :) She's one of my favourite characters in thus show and she's always so beautiful. :)

  9. Ruby je ena mojih najljubših! :D Dober look si naredila.

  10. Adorei de mais :D cor rosa no tom de pele claro fica perfeito , beijos :D