Once Upon A Time Series: Poinsoned Apple (Nail Art)

Hi, my lovely readers! As you can notice from title of this post, I'm starting with new blog series today and I think you're going to enjoy in them, if you like fairytales or Once Upon A Time show. Or at least I hope you will. :) In Januar and probably also in Februar I'll do makeup looks and nail art manicures, inspired by show Once Upon A Time. If you follow me on Twitter or if you read my old Random Sunday posts, you probably know, that I adore this show. I'm planning to publish posts every Tuesday and Friday. For now I have quite a few ideas, what do to, I just hope I'll have a will to do them all. In titles I'll wrote, if it goes for nail art or make up. If I'll do both, I won't write anything. Here and there I'll also include a tutorial. I'm most excited about Evil Queen's makeup looks, she always wears bold makeup and it looks amazing on her. If you have any request what you want me to do (makeup or nails), just write me in a comments below or email me and I'll be glady to do it.

I started this series with an item, which is kinda symbol of a Snow White fairytale. I'm talking about poisoned apple, as you probably noticed. Also UOAT show starts with a cadre, where Snow White is lying in a glassy coffin, because she was poisoned.

Polishes, I used here, were: Essence Chirp, Chirp!, H&M Midnight Passion, China Glaze Mahogany Magic and Fingrs Original French Manicure White.

 I made a tutorial for you, because I think this manicure is cute and I hope any of you will try it. :)

Step 1: Apply a nude nail polish on your nails.
Step 2: Take a red polish and place some dots of it on a paper. Then take a brush and make 2 semicircles in the middle of your nails. Fill the gap till the tips of your nails.
Step 3: Use a brown polish and make a line in the middle of the apple for an apple stalk.
Step 4: Use a white polish and do a line and a dot on one side of an apple for shadow. 
Step 5: Wait few minutes, that manicure drys and then use a top coat to protect it and make it last longer. 

What do you think, do you like first post in this series?