Makeup Look With Isadora Northern Lights

Hi, girls! Today I'll show you a makeup look, that I made with Isadora Northern Lights palette. It's a recreation of a look from their promo photo. I actually made it, because I wanted to write a review of this palette, but now it's already Januar and I think this collection was LE and it's not available anymore (although I'm not sure). So I'll just shortly write, what I think about this palette and then I'll show you the look.

I won the palette in their giveaway on Twitter. I love the color combo of eyeshadows, but I don't like eyeshadows themselfs. They're just too shimmery and they fall out, when you apply them. They don't crease and they last long on lids, but the fall out it's just too big minus here. I had shimmer all over my face and I didn't like that. I think Isadora palettes are around 20 € by us (I don't know the exact price, so you can correct me if I'm worng), which I think it's too too expensive.

And here's the look, I did with this palette. It's not the exact as on promo photo, because the girl has double liner - a silver and a black one. I didn't had silver liner, so I used only black. I don't remember exactly, which product did I use on my face. I'm sure I used Deborah BB cream, but I'm not sure for the blush. Her lips look icy, so I used Essence Meet lipgloss in Lilac. I like how the look came out, it looks very festive. 

Have you try Isadora eyeshadows? What do you think about this brand? Thank you for reading.