Half Moon With A Twist

Hi, girls! Does it happen to you too, that you plan to publish something, but then you do something else and you like it so much, that you have to show it immediately? It happened to me today. I was planning to write a review for today, but in the end nail art won.

I had in mind for some time now, what I want to do with nail art set from Vintage District collection and I finally realized the idea. My idea was do to black and golden combination, but unfortunatelly I don't have polish in the exact same color as golden studs are. I think it would look even better in that case.

I did a half moon and then I placed golden studs on black. I was planning to do 5 studs on each nail, but these studs are actually pretty big (or my nails are little:P), so I just used 3. If I would use 3 on my pinkie and 5 on my middle finger, it wouldn't look that nice. I used She 230, random black polish and golden studs from Vintage District nail art kit for this manicure. 

This manicure looked pretty amazing in person, it was so blingy. On photo it doesn't look so nice because of my light from lightbox (you can see it's reflex on my nails). This was just a try, I didn't do a whole manicure now, but I'll definitelly give it go, because I was very satisfied with it and it looked pretty. 

What do you think about my golden-black half moon manicure? Would you wear something like this? Thank you for reading.