Avon Color Trend Kajalstick in Black and Dark Silver

Today I have a quick review for you. Avon is having a sale at the moment and I thought I would review a kajal pencil, I got in December with my order. Maybe the review will help any of you, if you're thinking about ordering it. This kajal pencil has 2 sides with 2 colors - black and silver. It's packed in a plastic, which is always a good think (specially when it comes to drugstore products - then you know, no one open it before you).

The silver part is creamy and not very good pigmented. It also contains small glitter. For waterline it's not good, becase it doesn't stick on it, but it's good to use it to line your upper lid or as a base for eyeshadow. But if you're going to apply it as your liner, you'll have to built it, because this part doesn't gave a lot of color. The black part is creamy, matt and very pigmented. It's great to use it on waterline, because it stays there, but it makes my eyes blurry. This is the feeling I hate and that's why I don't like this this product. I tested it, how long it lasts and after 2 hours it started fading away. It's also good to use it as your liner, because it gaves amazing black color.

Now, that I try it, I can say, that I wouldn't buy this product on my own. I don't like, that I can't use a silver part on my waterline and that's bad pigmented and I hate the feeling, which black part leaves, when I apply it on my waterline. So, if you're planning to get this liner, don't. Rather spend that money on another Avon nail polish, because they're great. Or save it. :D

Did you try Avon Color Trend kajalstick? What do you think about it? Thank you for reading.