Three Challenge Soft

Today is the last the of Three challenge for most of the girls, but I still have to do the last part of the challenge, adjectives. First adjective is soft. I decided to do a saran wrap manicure for this task. I think you all already know this tehnique, so I won't ramble about it.

I used H&M Antique Gold (swatches will be on my blog soon) and  Essence Walk On The Wild Side. I adore this combo. I actually wanted to do a gold color as a base, but I just bought this H&M polish and I had to try it. I adore this manicure and I don't want to remove it, but tomorrow I have to do a manicure for the new task.

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Three Challenge Favourite Emotion

Just a quick post to show you, what I did for next task in Three challenge. This time the theme was favourite emotion. I choosed happiness. I knew from the beginning, that I'm going to choose this emotion, because it's the best emotion, it makes me feel the best and it's connected with a lot of different stuff.

I used Essence Cherry Cherry Girl, Essence Fortune Cookie, Vollare 117 and 136. I draw smileys, because a smile shows your happiness the best and two hearts, because my boyfriend is the person, who makes me happy the most and happiness means love to me too. 
I was using two Vollare nail art poloshes, that are pretty thick, so the lines are thick and thin and uneven. This manicure is far from perfect, but I like it that way.

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Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties

Some time ago I found an untached Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties collection in Müller. This collection has some amazing colors for fall. I loved specially all lipsticks, although in the end I decided to take only one. The most interesting was the shade Marlene's Favourite. I also took a blush, because lately I'm crazy about blushes, and one nail polish. 

Gone with the wind is a pinkish red blush with particles, that look like a stone, but they dissapear, when you use more blush. It has a good pigmentation and it's very nice to blend. Yesterday I was wearing it for 6 hours and it still looked good, so the lasting is good. 

Marlene's favourite is a dark pink matt lipstick. It's easy to aplly, but on me it didn't last very long. Because it's matt, it also drys lips a bit. But I like it anyway, it's perfect color for fall.

Swatches of lipstick and blush.

Lipstick on my lips. In RL it's darker, but it was so hard to capture the real color.

I took polish in The Nude Scene. It's a pinkish nude. I have no idea, why I though I'm going to like this color. Maybe because I still don't own anything similar. Plus nude polishes look so bad on me. I'll have to find a new home for this polish. Here I used 2 coats.

Did you get anything from this limited edition? What do you think about it?

Three Challenge Favourite Book

Another day, another post with manicure for Three Challenge. This time the theme is favourite book. I don't have all time favourite book. I actually have favourite authors and from them I usually have favourite book, but there are so many of them. I went through books, I have on my shelf in my room and I decided to do a manicure, inspired by Agatha Christie books and my all time favourite detective Hercule Poirot.

Moustache and intellect are two things, that caratherize him. The phrase in Slovenian is "male sive celice" (little grey cells) for someone, who is very smart. I don't know, how the phrase is in English. This is the reason, I chose grey as a base. I used Essence Skyscraper. Then I used Essence Black Out to draw a moustache. They don't really look like a moustache, but I wasn't in the mood to re-do them, because I already messed some nail art before and I had enough. Today was not my best day for nail art. But I like this manicure, it looks like a french with a twist.

And here is my manicure with some of the books, I have from Agatha Christie. 

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Three Challenge Favourite Song

Another post today, because I own you a manicure for Three challenge. I finished first part and came to the second part - favourites. First task in this part and fourth task in Three challenge is favourite song. I actually don't have favourite song at the moment, so I went with a song, that I listen a lot lately. It's Back In Time from Pitbull.

Because a song is featured in Men In Black III movie, I decided to go with this theme. On my index finger I draw sunglasses, on middle finger tuxedo with bow tie, on ring finger tuxedo with tie and on my pinkie an abbreviation MIB.

I used Essence My Sparling Acrobat, Essence White Hype, Vollare 117 in 136. Sunglasses didn't succeed the best and I smudged a manicure with TC, but I like it very much and I'm very satisfied with it.  

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Giveaway Winner and Four Elements Challenge

Hi, girls. I choosed a winner of my giveaway yesterday. It's Mateja D from Mateji ustvarjata. Congrats, girl. I'm so happy for her. Finally on my blog won my giveaway someone, who really reads my blog, writes comments and it's not here only because of the prize. I already send her an email and she answered, so she will get her prize ASAP. Congratulation again. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The next thing is a new challenge. I decided to challenge myself in October with doing nail art and a make up on the theme of four elements. It's going to be really really challenging, specially because I'm not that good in make up.

The tasks are:
1. Fire on 4. October
2. Water on 11. October
3. Air on 18. October
4. Earth on 25. October

This is a nail art and/or make up challenge, which means, that you can do one of these (nail art or make up) or both (nail art and make up), if you want to challenge yourself a bit more. I decided to do one task a week, so everyone will have more time to get the idea, what to do for certain task. Tehniques, colors ... is your choise. You can do free-hand nail art, stamp, you can use sticker ... If you decided to do a make up and you're a bit more shy and don't want to show a whole face, it's not obligatory. You can do only eye make up or only lips, you can also do a whole face, it's your choise. Everything is in your hands. The only obligatory thing is, that the make up and the nail art have to be made on a theme of a certain task.

If you decided to join, you can use the photo and publish it in you're post, Twitter, Facebook ... I would really appreciate, if you would share this challenge. :)

I made a special page for this challenge, so you can go there and ask me, if anything else interests you or if I forgot to mention something. You can also write there, if you want to join to this challenge. You can also comment under this post. If you decided to join, please leave a blog URL in a comment below or here. I will made a list of all participants.

If something interests you, feel free to aks. So, will you join or you think, this is a hard challenge?

Three Challenge Futuristic

This post should be publish yesterday, but I had some problems with internet connection, so I'm publishing it now, when everything is finally ok.

The theme of the third task was futuristic. First I was planning to do a futuristic city, but then I though that I already did a city for ultra modern task, so in the end I went with the most obvious thing for future - a robot.

I made it simple. I used Depend 223, Essence My Sparkling Acrobat and Essence Silver Star. I draw a robot on an acent nail. It's not one of my best nail arts, but it presents the theme the best. 

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Three Challenge - Ultra Modern

As promised, here is a second manicure for "Three" nail challenge. This time the theme was ultra modern. I always connected the word "modern" with big citys and skyscrapers, so I decided to do a city in the night. I planned to do this manicure for a long time and this challenge was perfect to try it.

Polishes, I used, are: Catrice It Blue My Mind, Catrice Lucky In Lilac, H&M Pure White, Bpretty Yellow and random black polish. Manicure was very easy to do. First I applied Catrice IBMM and then I sponged Catrice LIL on the two thirds of my nails. Then I draw buildings with black polish and windows with white and yellow. I used the white under the yellow, so the yellow stands out more on the black.  
I like very much, how this manicure looks. Ok, on photos every single mistake is visible, but in RL you have to have a good eye to see them. I think it looks amazing on my short nails.

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What do you think, girls? Do you like it?

Some news + First Manicure For Three Challenge (Antique)

Hi, girls! Did you miss me? I had some break from blogging, but now I'm back and I'll publish new posts regular. In this post I told you, what happened to my computer. Well, the computer is now fine, but because of everything, what happened and because I had few obligations for my faculty I decided to take a brake from blogging. 
So, let me explain you a bit about my computer. In the end the problem was with hardware. I had it divided on C and D. Everything what was on D, tehnician manage to save, but C disk was damaged. That means everythig was lost. But after few days, when he repaired my computer, he said that he managed to save some files from disk C. Most of them were photos. He saved them on my computer and as I went through them a bit, few of unpublished photos are saved. But some are damaged and can not be open. That means that at least some of my work was saved. I'll go through all photos and those, that will be ok, I'll edit and publish them next week. I hope you won't mind, if I'll publish some LE's so late.

I also told you some time ago, that I'm joining the "Three" challenge, created by Mateji ustvarjata. Other girls already published their seventh manicure, if I'm not mistaken, but I'll publish my manicures every day from now on, so I'll finish the challenge till the end of the month. As you can notice, my nails are very short at the moment. Stress and everything worked bad on me, but I hope that they will get stronger and longer now, when everything is over.

The first theme was antique. I had in mind a parchament, that is burned around the edges with feather pen. This is my kind of way to recreate writers in the Middle Ages. The idea in my head was much better than on my nails. I didn't do any nail art for abouth a month, so I need some time to get back in shape. Plus the feather was to long for my short nails. Maybe I'll reacreate this on my long nails to see, if it will turn out better.

Polishes, I used for this challenge, are: H&M White, Manhattan 29Z, Essence Colour and Change Kind Of Magic and Essence Jungle Drum

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Review and Swatches: Essence Wild Craft TE

Today I have for you swatches of products, I got from Essence Wild Craft TE. It was available last week in Müller. I'm sorry if I'm a bit late with this, but I didn't had time before to make swatches and publish them. I got 2 eyeshadow, one polish and of course a brush. 

There were 3 eyeshadows in this collection, but I decided to skip the lightest one, because it didn't interest me. I got Mystic Lilac, which is a deep dark purple shimmery shade, and Out Of The Forest, which is dark green olive shimmery shade. They're both nice pigmented, easy to apply and also easy to blend. I was wearing a look with them for almost 10 hours and they didn't crease. They faded a bit, but I think that happens with all eyeshadows after 10 hours. One eyehsadow contains 3 g of product and it costs 1,99 €.

The next is duo brush. One part is powder brush and second one is eyeshadow brush. I can't say much about it, I didn't really test it as I should for this review. The brush part is nice, it has soft bristles and it's not hard to work with it. It smaller than Essence regular powder brush. It's also less bushy. 

Eyeshadow brush is very interesting. It's wide and it has small bristles. I tried to apply eyeshadow with it, but for me it didn't work very good. I mean, it transfered eyeshadow pretty nice on the lid, but it's too wide, so I had eyeshadow also where I didn't want to had it (in my crease). But I've heard, that the girls are using it for concealer and it's great, so I have to try it for that. Although I'll probably use it to deepen the eyeshadow in my crease or something similar. Here you can see it in comparison with Essence eyeshadow brush from their regular assortment. The brush was 3,59 €.

I took only one nail polish, because other didn't interest me, but I have to admit, that this one dissapointed me, when I applied it on my nails. In the bottle the color is very nice purple, but on the nails it's a chameleon. If a look it from close, it looks purple. If I look it from far, it looks brown. In the sun it looks something in the middle between purple and brown. I don't feel good with this color on my nails, so I won't wear it again. The application was so so. It's a bit thicker, so I had to have little polish on the brush to apply it nice. I used 2 coats. The polish contains 10 ml and it costs 1,99 €.

What do you think about this TE? Did you get anything from it?

Blue Sparkly Make Up Look

Hi, girls? How are you? Yesterday I passed my exam and now I can finally take some time and write a blog post. I wanted to write a post yesterday, but when I came home, my computer didn't work. It just didn't turned on. I was freaking out, because I had everything on my computer - documents for faculty, personal photos, photos for blog ... The bad thing was, that I had a lot of material for my blog, for about 20 posts. I though I lost everything. But then my BF and I take it to the computer service and they said, that the disk is fine, that the problems is in other thing, so I was relief. I'm using my notebook at the moment, because the computer is still on service. I hope, I will get at least my files soon back, even if the computer won't be fixed. I still need to do one terminal paper before finishing everything and of course I don't won't to loose my photos for blog, because I invested so many time in photographing and editing. I would be really sad, if everything would be for nothing.

I had this look on my camera, so I decided to publish that today. I was planning to publish it next week, but since I don't have other material edited ATM, it's now its turn. I was doing this look on Sunday, because I felt, that I need to do make up before going to study. Sometimes I just feel better with make up on. I wasn't planning what to do,  I was just doing something, but in the end I liked it so much, that I had to show it to you. But unfortunatelly photographing make up isn't my best skill. This looked so much better in RL. And I also wanted to show you my whole face, but photos weren't very successful, so just my eyes for you.

I used:
- Essence Colour Arts eyeshadow base
- Misslyn Cornflower liner 
- She 35
- Catrice Take It Mint pigment
- Catrice Take It Mint liner
- Alverde Vanilla eyeshadow
- She glitter eyeliner
- Essence Ready For Boarding yellow eyeshadow
- Essence I Love Extreme mascara

This is definitely one noticeable look. I probably wouldn't wear it on a daily basis to faculty or similar, but if I would go shopping I would feel good in public with this look. I always prefered vidid and colorful looks that natural ones. 

Probably tomorrow I'm back with swatches of product I bought from Essence Wild Craft TE. I made them today, I just have to edit them. And as you're going to notice, my nails are in very very bad shape. They're short and they constantly brake. Maybe it's the stress, but until they don't grow back to normal and nice lenght, I probably won't start with "Three" nail challenge, so that means, I'm probably going to do it in October. I still have to arrange few things for my faculty, so I'll be for some time in Ljubljana, where I won't have a lot of polishes and in the end of the month I'm moving home for Ljubljana. I'm kinda sad because of that, I spend 5 beautiful years there. Well, I'll see, how it's going to be with challenge. I'm kinda angry at my nails, because I already have ideas, what do for first few tasks. And btw, don't forget to enter my 700+ Followers giveaway.

What do you think about this look? Do you like it? Would you wear something like this in public?